• Why Should You Wrap Your Trees in Winter?

    Wintertime often tends to harm trees because they are mostly bare and exposed to cold temperatures, snowstorms, and damaging winds. It helps to be proactive to ensure that they survive the winter months. According to landscaping experts, burlap tree protection is an ideal and cost-effective way to protect them. Read on to learn about the benefits of burlap tree wrap as an efficient form of winter tree protection.

    Why Should You Use Burlap Tree Wraps in Winter?

    • Use Burlap Tree Wraps in WinterReduce Moisture Loss
      The dry wind in the cold season causes loss of moisture in plants, often killing them. Wrapping trees for winter can help minimize the chances of moisture loss or dehydration and keep them alive until spring.
    • Keep Plants Warm
      The sun does not provide continuous heat to the trees during the cold weather. As soon as it disappears, the bark temperature tends to drop. This may kill the tissues, leading to cracks in the bark of your trees. The phenomenon is known as sunscald. It helps to use burlap wrap for winterizing your trees, especially evergreens, trees with thin bark, and young plants. In addition to this, burlap is an ideal choice because it allows them to breathe and prevents heat from being trapped inside the cover.
    • Keep Insects and Other Pests Away
      Food is scarce during winters, which is why rodents and other animals often chew bark, twigs, and leaves that are within easy reach. A wrap of burlap helps to keep pests away and deters them from eating the new growth from the previous season. It is also a great way to make sure the plants are ready for spring.
    • Prevent Ice Damage
      An ice storm can cause severe damage to the trees and plants on your property. The branches of trees are often covered with a thick layer of ice, causing them to bend or break off. This often leads to deformities and hinders their growth.
    • Protect from Salt Damage
      During winters, people often spray the driveways, pathways, and sidewalks with salt. This can be harmful to the plants and trees nearby. Wrapping them with burlaps helps to avoid the damage from salt.

    Do All Plants Need Burlap Protection?

    When it comes to protecting trees and plants during the winter season, breathable materials such as burlap are handy to have when the temperature declines. It helps to know that the need for wrapping typically depends on the type of the plant and its health. The following plants and trees may require burlap protection:

    • Broadleaf evergreen shrubs
    • Potted plants that are susceptible to cold temperature
    • Newly planted trees and shrubs
    • Slightly dehydrated plants

    We Provide Reliable Winter Tree Protection

    Wrapping plants with burlap is a simple and efficient way to protect your plants from snow, frost, and ice. At Greenbloom, we are well-versed in the best practices to shelter your trees from the declining temperature in winter and ensure they are ready for spring. Also, we have the resources and expertise to help you with burlap tree protection.

    For more information about wrapping trees for winter, call us at 647-500-5263. Our tree care professionals will help prepare your trees and garden to survive the winter season.