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Putting Your Garden to Bed in Fall

As the cold weather sets in and the leaves on the trees start falling, it’s time to think about preparing your garden for winter. Hire the professionals at Greenbloom for all your fall gardening tasks so that the maintenance will be easier in the spring.


Putting Your Garden to Bed for the Winter

How Do You Prepare Your Garden to Endure the Cold Season?

  • Cut back any diseased perennials in your yard.
  • Remove the spent, withered, leftover annuals and vegetables including as much of the roots as you can get.
  • Harvest any remaining vegetables and herbs. Bring delicate herbs indoors for winter such as rosemary and bay laurel.
  • Apply mulch to the soil as it helps to prevent heaving (the upward swelling of soil due to ice) in the freezing temperature.
  • Remove tender summer-flowering bulbs such as dahlias and cannas and store them properly for planting next season.

Garden Tools & Features

What Should You Do with Your Tools and Garden Features?

  • Clean and store any lawn ornaments, garden tools, and supplies, as well as containers that are not winter-hardy.
  • Winterize any garden structures such as water features, ponds, and fountains.

Water Supply & Irrigation System

How Do You Successfully Winterize Your Irrigation System?

  • Turn off the outdoor water supply and detach the garden hoses.
  • Drain water from them, stretch them out and run downhill to allow any leftover water to run out.
  • Winterize irrigation systems by ensuring that they are empty.

Fertilizing in Fall

How Should You Fertilize in The Fall?

  • Sprinkle blood meal or hen manure to deter squirrels from digging up bulbs from your garden.
  • Make use of compost or manure to enrich the garden beds including vegetable gardens.

Gardening Care

What Should You Do to Care for Your Garden Until Winter?

  • Purchase and plant spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils and tulips.
  • Plant vegetables such as garlic in your yard so the roots have time to develop by spring.
  • Protect sensitive plants such as roses that are prone to winter damage.
  • Burlap your trees and plants as required.
  • Continue to weed in the fall to keep growth under control.
  • Water trees and shrubs as needed until the ground freezes.

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