• The Best Winter Plants for Your Landscaping

    Most green thumbs hope that winter will hold off just a little bit longer. After all, the temperatures are too frigid for most landscaping.

    While winter takes away many options, it is not without any at all. In fact, numerous shrubs and plants add colour and personality to your lawn, even when the grass is blanketed in fresh, white snow.

    What Winter Plants Could You Plant Today?

    Before the soil hardens and becomes too impossible to plant in, consider some of these popular winter-friendly plants for your yard. Even better, contact garden maintenance services to come in and help with the planting and maintenance of your shrubs so that you have splashes of colour amidst the powdery snow.

    Here are some favorite winter plants to try in your winter landscape scheme:

    • False Cypress: You have two varieties that offer two distinct colours. The first, Boulevard, has beautiful blues. The Filifera Aurea provides golden yellow hues.
    • Holly: Add a touch of that Christmas nostalgia by putting holly in your yard for the winter. The bright-red fruits illuminate in the snow, their reflective bark shines in the winter sun, and you have two colour schemes. Blue Angel Holly is the more classic style that has blue-green leaves and luscious red berries. Golden Girl, on the other hand, has vibrant green leaves with yellowish orange berries.
    • Winter Berries: Winter berries are luscious and add pops of colour amidst the snow. Winterberry, for example, has clumps of red berries, while Firethorn shrubs have mounds of red berries and attractive flowers in the spring. Beautyberry is another good option for winter featuring a small cluster of purple berries in the winter, while in the spring features pink to white flowers. Lastly, you have the upright shrub known as Viburnum, also known as the cranberry bush.
    • Winter Shrubs: Winter shrubs can be shaped so that they create the perfect canvas for blankets of snow, while showing through with pops of colour. Boxwood globes are bright green, easy to maintain, and keep their globe shape. Hedges made from Irish Yew handle sun or shade and are dense; leaving little gaps. Lastly, you have Flowering Dogwood, which is more of a small tree than a shrub. It features creamy white flowers and a thick green leaf.
    • Creeping Juniper: Creeping juniper plants grow horizontally and work as an excellent ground cover for garden areas. The Wiltoni variety features a blue colour, while Mother Lode brings in colours of yellow.
    • Shrubby Dogwood Varieties: For pops of colour without the hassles of leaves, try Sibirica dogwood, which has bright red branches that look almost like coral. Bud’s Yellow is another variety that holds its colour in the winter and then blossoms in the spring with creamy white flowers.

    Professional Garden Maintenance in Toronto Can Help with Winter Plants

    Garden Maintenance in TorontoWhen you do not have time to landscape, plan, or maintain your yard, use the garden care services from Greenbloom.

    We can help you plan a winter landscape that is vibrant and colourful, regardless of how dreary the weather is outside.

    With our seasonal garden urns, we plant shrubs, berries, and plants that are winter-friendly for your home or office; and we also help maintain them. These add pops of colour for guests and give you enhanced curb appeal.

    Learn more about our seasonal urns and garden services by contacting the team at Greenbloom online. You can also call us at 647-500-5263.