• Useful Tips to Create the Perfect Winter Garden

    With the arrival of cold weather, most people put their lawns on hold and tuck away the summer gardens for the winter. They fail to realize that they do not have to wait until spring to create a garden. As a reputable company providing landscaping services, we have put together this guide to help you create a beautiful winter garden. Read on to learn a few useful tips from the experts.

    Tips from Local Gardeners & Experts to Create a Winter Garden

    • Garden Location and Layout

      It is essential to plan the layout of your winter garden to ensure it looks healthy, organized, and tidy. This will help enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. When organizing the garden, it helps to consider crucial aspects such as exposure to sunlight, shade, and the parts of your yard you are more likely to use during the winter season. In addition to this, you can use bushes and hedges to create borders for your lawn. Also, planting raised flower beds is an excellent way of adding structure to your garden.

    • Seasonal Colours

      After deciding the layout, consider adding a variety of colours to your garden. Deep green, pink, and red can enhance the overall appearance against the white backdrop of your snow-covered yard. Shrubs like heather and flowers such as holly and Christmas roses can add pleasant red and pink accents to your lawn. Also, evergreen trees such as fir, blue spruce, and cedar are great choices. They keep their needles and leaves, adding colour to your property throughout the year and do not require much maintenance.

    • Lights and Accessories

      Installing a lighting system can help enhance the appearance of your garden. Using lanterns and fairy lights is a great way to accentuate the yard. You can hang them on trees, drape over bushes, or display them on outdoor hardscape structures such as retaining walls, decks, and sheds. You can also use Christmas ornaments such as baubles and ribbons.

    What to Grow in Your Winter Garden

    Useful Tips to Create the Perfect Winter GardenMost experts providing landscaping services believe that choosing the right plants for your winter garden is as important as having the right tools and equipment to grow and maintain it. It helps to know what to grow in your region when it comes to winter gardening. Although False Cypress, Creeping Juniper, and Winter Berries are a few common options, it helps to consult a professional offering landscape maintenance service. They have the required expertise as well as knowledge about which plants will survive the cold climate in your area.

    Hire Our Experts for Winter Landscaping Services in Toronto

    Greenbloom is a leading landscaping company in Toronto, offering reliable landscape maintenance services. We can help you plan and create a winter landscape that is beautiful and vibrant, regardless of the weather condition. We have the best gardeners in Toronto who can come up with accurate solutions for your garden and help maintain it throughout the year.

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