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Mulching your garden offers many benefits for your plants, along with adding visual appeal to your home. The lawn care specialists at Greenbloom can help you select and install the appropriate mulch for your needs.


Reasons to use Mulch

  • Benefits
    • Helps keep your garden healthy by adding nutrients to the soil as the mulch decomposes
    • Suppresses weeds
    • Mulches retain moisture, absorbing excess water during heavy rain and releasing it during dry weather
    • Aids in water preservation in soil by giving shade, slowing the evaporation process
  • Aesthetics
    • Different colours to complement your home and garden’s appearance
    • Adds a decorative touch
    • Can be used to create paths and walkways

Depth of Application

  • Apply a layer of mulch between 2 and 4 inches deep
    • Less will lose the effectiveness of the mulch
    • More will provide excessive shade and potentially oversaturate the plants

What to Consider When Choosing Mulch

  • Colour of your home
    • Mulch should complement your home, not stand out and be the focus
  • Type of Mulch
    • The look you’re after and purpose you want to achieve determines which type to use


  • Shredded Bark
    • Made of shredded exterior bark of coniferous trees, such as pines and firs
    • Shreds may weave together over time, preventing them from washing away easily
    • Works well on sloped areas
    • May shift during heavy rains and need to be raked back into place
    • Lightweight
    • Lasts 7-10 years on average
  • Pine or Bark Chips
    • Chips come from the interior of the tree
    • Hold water better than bark
    • Best for water retention and release
    • Available in both hardwood and softwood, with hardwood enduring longer
    • Lasts 5-7 years on average
  • Nuggets
    • Best choice for natural appearance
    • Suited for flat areas where likelihood of being washed away is lessened
    • Unique shape allows better air flow to the soil than other varieties of mulch
    • Size of the nuggets means they break down slowly
    • Lasts longer than shredded bark and can be replenished less often


All of our dyed mulches are coloured using a safe vegetable dye.

  • Natural
    • Not dyed
    • Matches any landscape, home colour, and décor
    • Adds a classic look to a property
  • Black
    • Effective for both residential and commercial sites
    • Dark colour is long lasting
    • Provides excellent contrast to bright flowerbeds and light stone borders
    • Attracts sunlight and heat to the soil, so works better in cool climates
  • Brown
    • Looks similar to natural mulch, but addition of dye means colour will last longer
    • Universal in its appeal
    • Excellent choice for aesthetic purposes
    • Gives good contrast to light and dark coloured plants
  • Red
    • Effective for both residential and commercial sites
    • Works well in rock gardens due to colour difference
    • Offers best contrast against light coloured plants
    • Heavy downpours or excessive watering can cause dye to run and stain

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