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Waking Up Your Garden in Spring

After the cold winter season, spring brings the greens and colours back into your life. Everyone is eager to get on with their spring clean-up, but the most efficient way is to hire experienced professionals. The experts at Greenbloom can help you with landscaping and personalized care for your garden and lawn.


Spring Clean-Up Routine

How Do You Prepare Your Garden for The Season?


How Do You Know That Your Lawn Is Ready to Rake?

  • There is a layer of thatch about ½ inch thick covering your lawn, or matted patches of grass.

Why Is It Necessary to Rake?

  • Raking is essential for healthy air flow for your plants.
  • Helps to get rid of pests that may be present in the dead leaves and grass.

Aerating Your Lawn

When Should You Aerate?

  • There are thick layers of thatch on your lawn.
  • Your yard gets used excessively.

What Does Aerating Do?

  • Loosens the soil, offers room for the roots to grow, and provides your plants with more nutrients, water, and air.

Fertilizing in Spring

How Do You Fertilize?

  • Test the soil to see how balanced it is and determine what type of fertilizers are required.
  • Add some to your lawn, trees, and perennials to ensure they have adequate nutrients.
  • Prepare your garden beds by mixing up mulch, but do not cover the ground too early.
  • Add compost to the soil if desired.

Cleaning Up

How Do You Properly Clean for Spring?

  • Pull emerging weeds.
  • Cut back and carefully prune perennials.
  • Get rid of grasses not done in fall.
  • Remove any winter kill on roses and shrubs.
  • Remove burlap from trees.
  • Clean up any debris that has accumulated over the winter.

Water Supply & Irrigation System

What Is the Best Way to Water Your Lawn and Garden?

  • Turn on the water supply or the irrigation system.
  • Make sure that your lawn, plants, and trees receive adequate water.
  • Ensure nothing becomes waterlogged.

Gardening Care

What Extra Steps Should You Take to Help Your Garden?

  • Check your garden features such as trellis and pergolas for any damage and fix accordingly.
  • Put up cages or support stakes such as peony rings, where required.
  • Divide perennials if needed, space them adequately, and give them enough area to prevent crowding.
  • Re-edge garden beds for an even and tidy outlook.


How Do You Best Plant New Growth?

  • Choose high-quality seeds, and overseed your lawn if required.
  • Spray fruit trees with dormant spray to protect them from pests, eggs, and larvae.
  • Use transplants for new plantations.

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