• How to Properly Prepare Your Garden for Winter

    It might be almost winter, and while you are not planting new flowers or harvesting vegetables, it does not mean you should neglect your garden.

    In fact, the effort you put into your garden now to prepare it for winter will make a significant difference next season. If you are overwhelmed with the tasks involved, you can always hire professional garden services to prepare your garden for winter and ready it back up come spring.

    4 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Winter

    Even with limited time on your plate, making time to complete these four essential steps sets you up for a garden and yard that will come back beautiful in the spring.

    To prepare it all just right, make sure you do the following:

    1. Prime the Soil: Now is the time to prep your soil for seed. That means removing leaves, mulching up leaves with a lawnmower, and dethatching. Garden maintenance services can help you with these services and perform an aeration, which ensures that oxygen, water, and nutrients reach your grass from within the soil.
    2. Seeding: It might sound unreasonable to seed your lawn when everything is about to go dormant, but now is prime seeding time. However, you must select the right type of seed based on the grass you already have, and where you are seeding on the lawn. Some seeds are more shade-tolerant than others in areas unexposed to sunlight. Also, if you have children who will frequently run across the yard, a sturdier blade might be better.
    3. Adding the Seed: After your final mow of the season, spreading seeds along the grass will help you fill in those bare patches so that next season they come back stronger, greener, and thicker.
    4. Do Not Forget the Fertilizer: The most significant mistake homeowners make is neglecting fertilization. It might be close to winter, but garden care services still apply fertilizer to yards at this time of the year so that they receive the nutrients they need to survive the winter. Even better, with the right garden maintenance services, you will notice your lawn returns greener and with fewer weeds.

    Winter Preparation Gets Easier with Professional Garden Maintenance in Toronto

    Professional Garden MaintenanceWhy hassle with year-round maintenance on your lawn when you can hire the professionals at Greenbloom.

    Greenbloom offers professional garden and yard maintenance services year-round, including our three-season package, aeration and seeding, and more.

    Our specialists can help you identify which services you need in your package. If you just need help preparing your yard and garden areas for winter, use our lawn aeration and seeding package to prep your grass for a greener spring.

    Even better, our team can customize packages to suit your needs, and help you prepare your garden for winter in a cost-effective, efficient manner.

    Learn more about our garden care services and maintenance packages for your yard by contacting the team at Greenbloom online. You can also call us at 647-500-5263.