• Lawn Care & Maintenance Using Lawn Fertilizer

    Applying fertilizer can help ensure your lawn and yard stay healthy throughout the year. Although using fertilizer for lawn maintenance is simple, it is essential to do so with care. Also, you should know how to get it right to have lush grass and a healthy lawn. Read on to learn more about using lawn fertilizer from our experts.

    Things to Consider When Using Lawn Fertilizers

    Use the Right Source

    Buying the right fertilizer is critical for your lawn health. Be sure to check out all the available choices, including the ones at the shops nearby. Also, read the bag to know about the constituents before purchasing a product, and look for the following:

    • Nitrogen – It helps to enhance the growth of the plants and grass and ensures they have a lush, green colour.
    • Phosphorus – It stimulates the growth of new roots in the plants and helps them establish a strong root system.
    • Potassium – It helps your plants and grass to develop resistance to stress and diseases, ensuring they are healthy.

    Consider How Much Fertilizer to Use

    According to the experts providing lawn fertilizer service, more is not always better when it comes to fertilizing. So, be sure to assess the quantity of fertilizer you will need as per the size of your yard. Remember to read and understand the instructions on the bag and follow them properly for the best results. Also, apply it evenly to avoid burning the plants due to over-applying and colour variation in your lawn.

    Be Sure About the Time of Applying

    It helps to feed your lawn during the onset of spring around April. Apply the fertilizer around 3-5 times a year to ensure your plants and grass develop deep, healthy roots and the resistance to heat and drought. This provides an excellent foundation for the growing season.

    Fertilize at the Right Place

    When fertilizing, be sure to consider the soil condition and your location. This will help you determine how much to use and the method of application for the best results. Sweep any fertilizer on the driveway, sidewalk or patio back on to the yard or lawn. Also, ensure you apply it correctly to prevent the fertilizer from ending up in the storm drain or streams. Then, check the labels to know if you can water the area, so it seeps down to the roots of the plants.

    We Offer Quick & Efficient Lawn Maintenance Services in Toronto

    Lawn Care & Maintenance Using Lawn FertilizerAt Greenbloom, we are dedicated to helping our clients have a beautiful and healthy lawn and garden. We have the resources and expertise to provide lawn fertilizer service to ensure your plants grow properly and remain disease-free. We will help you choose the right fertilizers required to maintain a lush, green exterior.

    If you have any questions about our lawn maintenance services in Toronto, feel free to reach out to our experts by calling 647-500-5263. You could also request a free estimate by filling out our online contact form. We’ll be more than happy to guide you!

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