• Common Landscape Maintenance Myths to Stop Believing Now

    Where Do Landscaping Myths Originate From?

    Most people believe that fertilizing and watering the yard, mowing the grass, and trimming the trees are enough to make the area look clutter-free and beautiful. However, this is not enough to obtain sophisticated property maintenance results. Such half-truths and misconceptions spread widely and are accepted by people, resulting in popular myths about garden maintenance and lawn care.

    As a leading landscaping company in Toronto providing property and lawn maintenance services, we have put together this guide to bust the myths about landscaping.

    Popular Landscaping Misconceptions that Property Owners Have

    • Nighttime is Best for Watering the Lawn
      A common belief is that water does not evaporate quickly at night, which means less water is needed. The lack of evaporation, however, causes a new problem. The sitting water becomes a breeding ground for fungi and mould. Therefore, it helps to water just before the sun rises.
    • Shorter Grass Means Less Mowing
      Although this seems logical, cutting grass down to as small as possible damages the lawn. This is because when you cut the grass too short, not only does it make the land dry, but it also promotes the growth of weeds. In addition to this, it also increases the chances of the grass getting burned, leading to brown patches on your lawn. Most landscaping companies providing garden maintenance services recommend cutting the lawn to a height between 3-5 inches.
    • Spring is the Only Time You Can Plant
      While the months of March through May are great for growing new plants, you can start new plantations during other months as well. There are plants and trees that thrive and grow in cooler conditions, making fall another season that is suitable to grow new plants.
    • The Best Location to Plant Shrubs is Near the Building
      This is one of the most common myths that property owners believe. However, growing shrubs and plants close to the exterior walls increases the chances of pest infestation. Therefore, remember to keep enough space between the exterior of the building and the plants.
    • Watering the Lawn Daily Keeps It Healthy
      Many factors such as the type of seed, age of the lawn, the amount of sunlight and shade, and soil conditions determine the amount of water the yard needs. The rule of thumb is to water around 1 to 2 inches every week. Also, keep in mind that rainwater is in included in this quantity. If you notice stagnant water, it may be due to overwatering which can lead to excessive weed growth.
    • Leaving Grass Clippings on the Lawn is Not Healthy
      In reality, grass clippings are a good source of nutrients for the lawn. They contain nitrogen and offer the following benefits:

      • Help reduce the fertilizer residue in the soil.
      • Since the grass clippings contain around 70% to 85% water, they help to reduce the frequency of watering needed.

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