• 8 Easy and Useful Tips to Plant a New Garden

    Are you wondering how to start a garden at your home? As a leading landscaping company providing tree planting services, we have listed a few easy planting tips for beginners. Read on to learn how to plant a new garden in eight easy steps.

    8 Useful Tips to Plant a Home Garden

    1. Choose the Right Location
      Selecting an ideal location is the key to tree planting and starting a new garden. Pick the part of your yard that is easily visible, so you’ll be more likely to spend time in it. It helps to give it a precise shape by using flour or sand to mark the edges. You could also call your utility company to get the area marked before you start digging. Also, be sure to follow the sun and stay close to the source of water.
    2. Remove the Grass
      If you find grass growing in the place for your garden, get rid of it using a spade. If you have ample time, mow the area and cover it with 3-5 inches of compost. It may take up to a couple of months for the grass to die before you can start planting your garden.
    3. Dig the Soil Properly
      Till or dig your new garden and be sure to remove any roots, rocks, and other debris. Check the condition of the soil and ensure it is well-drained and nutrient rich. Be sure to add organic matter such as compost to it to improve the quality of the soil.
    4. Edge Your New Garden Bed
      Mark your garden and lawn separately with a good edge. Create a trench around 8-10 inches deep and 2-5 inches wide. You could also use an edging material around its perimeter to mark the area.
    5. Choose the Right Plants
      Selecting the right plants is as crucial as choosing the right location for your garden. Consider the soil and climate conditions and pick the varieties that grow well in your region to have a vibrant and healthy garden. In addition to this, place them correctly and keep enough space between each plant to avoid overcrowding.
    6. Get Planting
      After deciding the right spots for your plants, start placing them in the ground. Loosen the soil before planting them. This helps them to absorb the required nutrients and water.
    7. Spread Mulch
      When planting new trees, apply a layer of mulch around 2 – 5 inches deep around them. In addition to reducing weeds by blocking out the sun, mulching will also help decrease the loss of moisture through evaporation.
    8. Water Your Plants Properly
      Once you plant your garden and spread mulch, water them well. Make sure to pour enough water according to the weather conditions in your area. Also, if the mulch is dry, soak it well to ensure that the plants get sufficient water.

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