• Tips for Indoor Gardening & Planting to Brighten Up Your Winter

    Everyone enjoys some colour to brighten up their days, especially during the cold, dreary winter season. It is why many people love to have plants inside and take up indoor gardening. These plants transform your home into a relaxing space, creating beautiful retreats when it’s too cold to venture outside.

    Winter, however, calls for different indoor planting techniques because the needs of the plants change with the colder weather. Here are a few useful tips to help make your indoors green.

    Indoor Gardening Advice for the Winter

    • Water Adequately – Your plants won’t need much water during the cold weather unless you’ve got the heating cranked up quite high all day. When it comes to watering them, you must adhere to the following:
      • Check moisture in the soil by dipping your finger into it.
      • If it’s too dry, you can add water. If damp, it’s fine.
      • If you feel there is excess water, remove it in order to prevent the roots from rotting.
    • Give Them Enough Light – Winter days are generally darker which means your plants do not get enough sunlight. To ensure that they get adequate light, keep the following in mind:
      • Light requirements vary with each plant. Know how much of it your specific plants need.
      • Place your plants in a way that they get as much light as they require.
      • Move them near a window that gets sunlight.
      • You could also position them in a well-lit room.
      • If you wish to keep them in a darker room, make sure to take your plants somewhere they will be able to soak up some light every so often.
    • Dust Off the Leaves – Make sure to dust off the leaves of your plants because they also need to breathe. Wipe them with a damp cloth once every 2-3 weeks. Besides helping them with respiration, it will also promote the maximum amount of photosynthesis.
    • Mist the Leaves –Plants require humidity, especially if they are placed near heating or air conditioning ducts which can be drying. You should induce moisture by spraying their leaves with water when you walk past them, or at least once a day. This is an effective way to counteract the dryness in the air. Placing your plants together also helps amp up the humidity.
    • Choose the Right Plants – There are several beautiful varieties of plants that do well when kept indoors. You could choose a few amongst them, keeping in mind the essential details such as light and humidity, as well as your home’s décor.

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