• Summer Garden Maintenance Makes Wonders

    May 23, 2015

    If you think you are the only one suffering from the heat of the summer, think of your plants. When the temperatures hit the roof and water supplies become invaluable, the green parts of your garden are going through a tough time. Summer is the dry season and plants need good irrigation. Lawn maintenance is equally important and the overall treatment of the garden is of the essence. In a different case, all your efforts to keep a beautiful and green yard will fail just the season when you want to enjoy them the most. So, it’s good to take precaution, think of which garden maintenance services are required and make sure everything is done properly before the heat kills the green.

    How to water and treat your plants properly

    water-your-plantsThe specialized contractors of Greenbloom Maintenance all agree that preventive services before the summer comes are prudent. Though, it’s never too late to take care of your garden. In fact, plants need constant hydration when the temperatures are high, but still good control of irrigation so that you can avoid having the opposite from the expected results. If you want to see the signs, check the color of the leaves. They usually turn yellowish or brown and the plants don’t look very healthy. It’s best to water them but you should do it right. For instance, avoid watering plants in the middle of the day. A large quantity of water will evaporate due to the heat. Prefer watering them early in the morning or when the sun comes down in the evening.

    lawn-treatment-servicesWhen you water plants, you must consider their needs. Although all plants need sufficient amount of water, some might need more. It depends on the plant. It’s also important to water them before they are damaged. The minute you spot yellow colors at the edges of the leaves, get your hose. When it comes to lawn, don’t forget that it needs good treatment too. The best lawn care and maintenance is to make sure weeds are removed. Mulch will be very helpful. If footprints remain longer than expected on the lawn, it’s a clear indication that the lawn needs watering. Don’t forget that the health of the lawn will also depend on proper lawn aeration maintenance. The soil must get the proper amount of nutrients, sun, air and water and aeration is the perfect solution. Taking care of your garden is not easy but it’s vital so that the heat of the summer won’t take its toll on the green of your garden.