• Springtime: Time for Planting

    Spring is the perfect time for shrub and flower planting, though, the procedure is much harder than it sounds. If it was simply a matter of buying the seeds and putting them deep in the soil, gardening would be easy. It’s actually a hard job and requires great patience. Once yard clean up tasks are over, the main job starts. It’s always helpful for you to know what kind of soil you have in your garden and Greenbloom Landscaping Toronto can be of assistance. Don’t forget that the quality of soil will determine whether your newly planted flowers will grow or not. Start with learning about your soil before you carry on to choosing the right plants for the of season.

    plantingPlanting is a difficult task. You must take into consideration the climate and the particular conditions of your garden. Before you start planting, check your soil. Depending on its needs, you will need to get the right fertilizers and distribute them properly. Garden fertilizing is important, as fertilizer is the food for your soil. Aeration is also equally vital since it will give all the plants of your garden the opportunity to get the right amount of water, sun, air and nutrients. Aeration will also help the soil to remain free of acids since most flowers need neutral soil pH.

    Choose the Right Fertilizer

    garden fertilizingThe fertilizer must be chosen with care. Mulch will also help since it’s bad for weeds and good for your soil. It makes the roots of the plants stronger since it gives food to the soil and conserves water. There are slow and fast release fertilizers. Remember that if you are planning to plant seasonal flowers, you will need to get fast release fertilizer. This would also be the perfect time for staking rather than waiting till the plants grow. It will be easier for you, and it will be better for plants to grow around the stake rather than having you trying to stick the stake somewhere among the shrubs some time later.

    Compact soil inhibits plant growth. That’s the reason for having beds in gardens. Compact soil is usually the result of people stepping over freshly planted areas. Don’t forget to get the right flowers for your garden and for this time of season. Some plants grow in fall although most of them flourish in spring. Having good organization always helps.