• Spring Cleanup for Winter Garden Chaos

    April 12, 2015

    Winter comes bringing a clean atmosphere and spectacular snow views but goes away leaving behind him chaos. Plants freeze, nature is asleep, tree branches are fallen on the ground, gardens are dirty and certainly need good yard clean up. Spring is the perfect time to help your backyard wake up to the call of nature, grow and flourish. In order to do that right, the whole property must be prepared. With one season closing the door and the new one approaching your way, your hands will be full. The right thing is to follow the proper order of things in order to avoid wasting time or fail in your attempts to bring spring in your garden.

    cleanupYou would never imagine how close winter and weeds are. They are born under compact soil, somewhere in between tree sticks and leaves covering the ground of the yard. Weeds will bring diseases and all your efforts to see your garden blooming will go in vain. So, you must take action. Your garden clean up tasks are plenty but then again it would depend on how chaotic your yard is. Your goal is to see that every corner of your garden is perfectly clean. Remove everything that doesn’t belong there. Winter winds bring garbage into your land, break tree sticks and make a mess. Collect everything in plastic bags and throw them away.

    Pruning and cleaning are important steps

    Time for more serious tasks! Time to clean up the flowers and shrubs! If you have treated the perennials last year, it’s best to prune them at base level so that you can give the plants the chance to grow again. Dead flowers and plants must be removed, too. It’s always good to wait till the weather gets better and there is hardly a chance for frost again. You will notice that some shrubs start showing signs of life. You will help them by pruning them. When the dead parts are removed, they grow easier.

    Of course, you must be careful or ask the assistance of Greenbloom Maintenance in Toronto since some trees and shrubs should not be pruned before spring. Weeds are often gathered in compact soil. You can check soil with a fork. It must enter the earth about two inches in depth. The best way to remove weeds is to remove dead plants from your garden. Careful garden maintenance will help you form the basis where the new spring garden will rise again.