• Preparing Your Commercial Landscape for Winter Months

    According to reputable landscape contractors, without proper planning and maintenance, winter weather can cause damage to your property’s landscape. It helps to protect your investment by being prepared for the colder weather. Read on to learn more about commercial landscaping and maintenance for winter from the experts.

    Tips to Protect Your Commercial Landscape During Winters

    • Aerate
      To help your plants survive the winter weather, aerate your turf. This allows water and fertilizer to reach the roots that are deep within the ground, giving them access to essential nutrients.
    • Fertilize
      Fertilization helps to prepare your garden for the winter season. It allows the roots of the plants to grow and thrive and gives them a healthy start in the following spring season.
    • Rake Leaves
      It is essential to remove the fallen leaves to help the plants and grass remain healthy and disease-free. Raking leaves off the ground also helps to ensure that the plants receive the required amount of sunlight and nutrients.
    • Clean Up
      Fall cleanup is a crucial part of commercial landscaping and maintenance and helps ensure the winter season goes well. Removing dead or dying foliage and other debris off the ground will reduce the chances of your plants being infected by any disease. This will also help you keep your property looking clean and fresh during the winter season.
    • Mulch
      Adding a layer of mulch helps to protect your plants and trees from the harsh winter weather. It acts as a protective barrier, helps the roots to retain moisture, and maintains an even temperature throughout the season.
    • Prepare the Irrigation System
      When it comes to maintenance, most property owners fail to consider their irrigation system. It helps to winterize your irrigation system in the fall to ensure it can withstand the cold temperature and avoid expensive repairs in the spring.
    • Prepare for Snow
      As a part of facility maintenance before winter, it helps to be prepared for snowfall. Keep the following landscape maintenance tips in mind:

      • Design and create easy-to-access snow load areas for plow operators to stockpile snow.
      • Plan the locations for the snow stockpile in a way that does not hinder the movement of the plows and other snow removal equipment.
      • Ensure that the landscape edges along roadsides and driveways are planned and designed so plow operators can mark their scope of operation.
      • Many landscape contractors believe that it is better for your plants and landscape if you can avoid using salt to melt the ice and snow.
      • If you use salt, make sure to clean it before it damages the soil and plants.

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