• Prepare Your Garden for the Cold Days

    Winter is not too friendly with plants. Some might still grow in the autumn, and there are actually plants for every season, but when the temperatures fall under zero, it’s best to have your garden ready to welcome snowfall and hardly be affected by it. Late autumn and early winter garden maintenance are essential. The steps you take today will affect the blooming of your garden in the spring. Since we still have some time before temperatures get worse, devote some time now and take care of your yard so that it won’t freeze.

    One thing you should remember is that the earth doesn’t die during the winter. It just goes in a long dormant period till it’s reborn in the spring. When you see the lawn turn brown, don’t worry. It’s natural. You need to protect it and every garden bed, flower, tree and plant in your yard so that they won’t suffer from the cold weather.

    Landscaping Tips Before the Winter

    winter landscapingYou should take care of the grass. Pre-winter lawn maintenance is essential. In fact, you must mow the lawn but not too short. If it’s too short, the freezing weather will affect the roots, and you might deal with several problems in the spring. If it’s left too long, it will fold over under the snow, and you will deal with mold problems and other diseases. You will have similar problems if you leave any other heavy object over your lawn. Don’t forget that grass must still get air and sun during the winter and that’s why it’s important for you to rake debris and other elements.

    Lawn MaintenanceLawn aeration is important. Since the winter sunlight, air and water are important elements for the roots of plants and the lawn, you should open small holes on the ground to help the soil to get fertilized. Clean the entire area by removing tree branches and weeds, and you can also spray weed killers so that your lawn will be healthy in the spring. Fertilizers must be spread before the winter so that the roots of the lawn will be stronger and ready to withstand the cold weather.

    Once you are done with lawn maintenance, prune the trees and your plants. How far you will cut the limbs will depend on the plant, and some shrubs must be pruned later than others. It’s also significant to remember that winter landscaping maintenance includes watering of plants and lawn. When it snows, there is no need to water because the melting snow gives the earth the moisture it needs. When it doesn’t snow, you should water your garden. Perhaps not as often as in the spring or summer, but your garden will still be thirsty for some moisture.