• Maintaining a Beautiful Yard: 10 Tips for Spring Clean Up

    After the cold winter season, your garden and yard require personalized care to ensure that they look healthy and beautiful. As a leading landscaping company, we get many people asking how to maintain a nice yard and what does spring clean up for a yard and garden entail.

    10 Useful Tips for Spring Clean Up

    • Clean Up the Leaves
      Remove any layers or large piles of leaves because they increase mould growth, disease, and decay. Add these leaves to a compost pile. You could also mow them if the layers are thin, however, remember not to rake into the wet ground.
    • Rake the Ground
      Raking is an essential part of spring yard clean up. It ensures better airflow, helps germination, and prevents diseases. However, do not rake when the ground is wet because you may end up pulling out the grass seeds. Also, do not wait too long because you may harm healthy roots. Wait until footprints disappear after walking on the yard, and the grass is brown.
    • Get Rid of Weeds
      It helps to deal with weeds during early spring because it will become difficult to pull them out once they develop strong roots. Keep the following in mind:

      • Do not mow too close to the ground
      • Lawn clippings are a good source of nutrition for the lawn
      • Water adequately
      • Know the type of weed to understand how to deal with it properly
    • Loosen the Soil
      Loosen the compacted soil and remove thick layers of leaves and patches of moss as a part of the spring garden clean up. It also helps to aerate the lawn to allow air and water to reach the plant roots. Get a soil test done to check the pH level to better understand what fertilizer you’ll need.
    • Edge Garden Beds
      Redraw the boundary between the grass and garden beds in springtime and keep them wide. You could use a hose to draw a line and remove the grass along it to create a beautiful garden plot.
    • Fertilize Your Lawn Only if Needed
      You may choose not to fertilize your garden and yard during the springtime. However, if you want to apply fertilizer, do so lightly using a slow-release formula with the correct nutrients.
    • Seed the Bare Patches
      If you spot any bare patches, you may re-seed them. Before seeding, it helps to rake the area, loosen the soil, and add compost or grass clippings. Then sprinkle grass seeds for the best result. Remember to keep the soil moist.
    • Prune Trees and Trim Hedges
      It helps to know when to prune which types of plants. Prune summer-flowering shrubs during early spring before there is any new growth, and spring-flowering shrubs after the flowers fade. Remember to trim the dead and diseased branches on the trees.
    • Mow Grass at the Right Time
      Lawn mowing is a significant part of spring yard clean up. Remember that the grass needs time to recover after the cold winter months and mow the lawn when the height is around 2 – 4 inches. You could use a traditional lawn mower or an electric mower.
    • Trim Your Lawn
      You could use a grass trimmer to cut the grass and maintain the desired height. Be careful that you don’t end up destroying other plants and flowers in the area.

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