• Is It Fall Already? Time to Clean Up the Garden

    October 14, 2015

    Your garden might not be as colorful as it was a few months back, but if you want to enjoy similar sceneries next spring, it’s time to clean up the place now. Winter might not be the best season for your plants, but snow might still act as a natural insulator that will protect your lawn and plants from the freezing cold and will also moisturize them. Though, the earth underneath snow must be clean.

    Diseased foliage must be picked and the flower beds must be protected. There is a lot you can do so that your garden will still be neat and clean during the winter and won’t be affected by the cold weather.

    Use dead flowers as mulch

    Leaf Pick UpGarden clean up before the winter is important because it will help the earth to breathe normally during the cold months. Debris, diseased leaves, tree branches and other elements won’t do much help. You have two options. You can rake all these elements, bag them and put them out with the rest of the garbage, or turn them into mulch. Leaves and dead flowers can be chopped to tiny pieces and left by the side to decompose. Then they will act as natural fertilizers and will be excellent for next spring’s flower beds.

    One thing is for sure. Leaves and other dead foliage must be collected from your garden because they will cover your lawn and won’t let it breathe during the winter. With the first rains and snowfall, it will be impossible to clean them up and they will cause lawn diseases. For the avoidance of similar problems, you must also remove weeds. You should cut off dead branches, trim the trees and leave the whole area clean so that pests won’t cleanupattack your plants. Remember that lawn maintenance is essential before winter. Apart from mowing the lawn, you must pick up dirt and elements that has landed in your own garden with the first fall winds.

    Every corner of your garden must be free of debris and dirt. The perennials should be covered and you could also add some mulch. Make sure the area around the tree roots is cleaned and all dead leaves are collected. Lawn aeration is a must. Once the garden is cleaned, open little holes that will allow earth to get the right amount of sun, air and water! With the garden clean and plants ready to welcome the winter, your fall landscaping tasks are over!