• How to Save Money on Your Lawn Care

    Maintaining a beautiful, plush green lawn requires much more time, resources and effort than most homeowners realize. If you notice that your usual lawn care is draining your wallet, you have options for reducing your lawn maintenance costs and requirements.

    Before you start cutting back on certain maintenance tasks, you must do a lawn analysis to see where money is being wasted, and what might be the cause of your high-priced lawn.

    Expert Tips for Saving Money on Lawn Care While Keeping It Green

    Cutting back on costs does not mean that you must live with a weed-ridden garden or dead and dried out lawn. Instead, you need to find more efficient ways to take care of your lawn.

    Here are just a few areas to assess when looking for opportunities to cut your costs:

    • Consider Your Fertilizer Routine: How often are you fertilizing your yard? Is it necessary to fertilize? While you should fertilize for each season, multiple times per season is not always necessary.
    • How You Mow Matters: How often are you mowing your lawn? If you regularly cut short, your lawn evaporates water quicker and requires more frequent watering. Consider mowing higher. Then, leave some of those grass clipping on the ground to help shade the soil and retain moisture.
    • Water Irrigation 101: When you set up your sprinkler system, make sure the soil is absorbing the water. If you see puddles or runoff, reduce watering times, because you are adding water too fast for your lawn to absorb it.
    • Water When Needed: Most homeowners overwater their lawn. Test your lawn to see if it needs water by walking on the grass. If the blades spring back, stop watering. If you have footprints in the blades, it is time for water.
    • Water Flowers Right: When you water your garden, you only need to water the roots of flowers and shrubs. Watering the leaves dries them out and holds back water from reaching the root system.
    • Inspect Your Drip Water Irrigation Regularly: For garden drip irrigation systems, continually check for leaks, plugged emitters, and cracked pipes. These are big water wasters that you can quickly repair in just one day.
    • Get Rid of Weeds: Weeds soak up water before your garden and lawn have the chance to do so. They also take up resources. If you want to reduce watering or the need for plant food each month, keep the weeds away.

    Hire a Professional for Your Lawn Care

    Hire a Professional for Your Lawn CareWhile you might assume the cost of a lawn care company would add to your monthly expenses, a professional crew helps you save money.

    The team at Greenbloom not only can help you keep your lawn green throughout the spring and summer seasons, but we also offer gardening services, fertilizing, and aeration to keep your lawn and garden more efficient. In return, you save on your annual costs and still enjoy a great looking yard.

    Learn more about our lawn care, gardening, and fertilizing services by contacting the team at Greenbloom. You can also call us at 647-500-5263.