• Getting the Most Out of Your Flower Bulbs

    Bulbs are by far one of the better ways to have a garden in full bloom. They are hearty, and when you properly care for them, they come back strong and vibrant after a long, harsh winter.

    However, care is the key factor here. While bulbs are reliable and continue popping up year after year, the level of care you provide determines if they will come back healthy or not.

    Bulbs are not exactly the prettiest after they are done sharing their colour and petals. In fact, they tend to look rather sad, with sunken petals, wilted leaves, and failing stems. To care for those bulbs and enjoy them every year, plus make the shrubbery look great when the blooms are gone, you must follow the proper techniques.

    Tips for Flower Bulb Care from Garden Care Services

    Bulbs endure life cycles just like all other plants. The goal with your flower bulbs is to preserve their health so that they continue to provide you with a striking landscape and colourful blooms.

    You can do this by:

    • Learning about the Type of Bulb: The category itself is quite vast; therefore, the first step in properly caring for your bulbs is knowing the type you have in your garden. The most popular are tulips and narcissi, which includes the daffodil. However, bulbs also include varieties like lily, crocus, camassia, hyacinth, gladiolus, dahlias, and fritillaria.
    • Deadhead Properly: Deadheading is when you remove flower components after blooming. Deadheading prevents the bulb from going to seed and only involves the dead components. You keep the leaves intact. Deadheading is often as simple as cutting off the head of the stalk while leaving the stalk itself intact. Tulips require special deadheading care, though. Deadheading for tulips requires that you leave the leaves at the bottom and at least two main stalks.
    • Fertilize Your Bulbs: You fertilize your lawn and vegetable garden, but what about your bulbs? Professional garden services fertilize flowers, including bulbs without flowers to keep them healthy. Fertilizer is what encourages your bulbs to come back next year and ensure naturalization.
    • Plant Your Bulbs Right: Certain bulbs might bloom in the summer, but they are not planted in the summer. Summer-blooming bulbs, for example, must be planted in the spring after the soil is warm enough. Spring bulbs, on the other hand, are planted in the fall, the year before.

    Keep Your Bulbs Blooming with Garden Maintenance in Toronto

    Flower Bulb CareKeeping your flower beds looking green and fresh year-round is a challenging task. Your bulbs need care even if they are no longer blooming for winter. Therefore, instead of worrying about all the chores yourself, hire the garden experts from Greenbloom.

    We offer professional garden care services that not only keep your lawn green, but also your flower beds blossoming. You have spent the money investing in high-quality bulbs, so let our team do the rest to keep them going.

    Learn more about garden maintenance in Toronto by contacting the team at Greenbloom online. You can also call us at 647-500-5263.