• Fall is Here – The Perfect Time for a Yard Clean Up

    Fall means cooler temperatures, leaves changing from bright green to golden orange and brown, and of course, yard clean ups. Ideally, your lawn needs a clean up at the start of the season after the snow melts, and again at the end of the season so it can go dormant for winter and emerge strong in spring.

    Fall’s yard clean up is a bit more extensive than your spring clean up. Therefore, if you find yourself overwhelmed, consider hiring garden care services to lend a hand and get the job done thoroughly before winter strikes.

    The Importance of Fall Yard Clean Up

    A fall clean up is not just another to-do on your end-of-the-season checklist. In fact, it is a critical step to ensure a green, healthy lawn and garden come spring. If you let fall leaves take over your grass, you will end up suffocating your lawn. If you fail to prune, you could be preventing your bushes and trees from growing properly next season.

    Fall clean up sets you up for spring success. To make sure you are off to the right start, here are a few items you must take care of for a proper clean up:

    • Prune: Prune your trees, hedges, and annual blooms. Pruning involves trimming dead or overgrown branches from the shrubbery, removing any unwanted parts, and ensuring those dead branches do not soak up vitamins and nutrient healthy components needed to thrive.
    • Fertilize: Winter might be around the corner, but that does not mean you skip fertilizer at this time of the year. In fact, garden services purposely provide fall fertilizer, which is specialized for the season and has the higher potassium your lawn needs before the winter frost.
    • Plant Bulbs: Most bulbs you expect to sprout in the spring are planted in the fall, before the frost hits the ground. Some popular varieties for fall include daylilies and dahlias.
    • Aerate and Dethatch: An important, yet often overlooked step for fall clean up is aeration and dethatching. Garden maintenance services, like Greenbloom, offer both services. Dethatching removes the thatch buildup (grass clippings preventing water from penetrating the surface), and aeration allows water, air, and fertilizer to circulate more appropriately; which means a better-looking lawn next spring.
    • Rake: As those fall leaves start to break away and drop on your lawn, rake them up and get them off your lawn’s surface as quickly as you can. Leaves kill grass in a matter of a few days if left in place, and you certainly do not want a thick layer of leaves come winter.
    • Water: All trees and shrubs must be watered deeply before the first frost.

    Hire a Team for Garden Maintenance in Toronto and Get Your Yard Clean Up Done

    Garden MaintenanceWhile yard clean ups and garden maintenance are two tasks you must do for the fall, most of us do not have the free time to get the job done or to do it right. Luckily, you do not have to take up your weekends preparing your lawn for winter.

    Instead, hire the team at Greenbloom. Our team offers seasonal garden maintenance services, including fall and spring clean up services. We also offer add-on services, like aeration and dethatching, so that you can prepare your lawn for winter.

    Learn more about our garden services by contacting the team at Greenbloom online. You can also call us at 647-500-5263.