• What to Do with the Leaves as Part of Your Fall Cleanup Routine?

    When it comes to property maintenance, particularly the upkeep of a yard or a garden, most people do not know what to do with the leaves fallen on the ground. When we begin our fall cleanup, it helps to consider the goal, which is to help your garden transition into dormancy. Before you decide to rake your garden, think about the type of plants you have, the kinds of leaves that fall, and what you are looking to achieve. Read on to learn more about how to clean your yard before the onset of fall.

    Things to Consider When Cleaning Leaves Off the Ground

    Composition and Location of the Garden

    All gardens are unique with different plants, shrubs, and soil types. The arrangement and location of the plants affect the overall preparation of the garden for the winter season. This will also help you decide what to do with the fallen leaves.

    Identifying the Type of Leaves

    In addition to helping plants get and store energy and control the temperature, leaves are also a good source of food for animals and insects. However, they are often carriers of diseases and encourage pest infestation. This is why it helps to identify the types of leaves to determine the best way to deal with them.

    How Leaf Breakdown Affects the Soil

    Before beginning your fall clean up, it helps to think of how the breakdown of leaves affects the soil condition. This is because when leaves decompose and mix with the soil, they can have an impact on the nutrients present in it. Considering these aspects will provide you with the right direction for the job. Examine the type of soil in your yard and establish whether it is alkaline or acidic. This will help you determine what to do with the fallen leaves.

    Should You Remove the Leaves or Let Them Be?

    The best way to decide is to test different areas of your yard or garden. This will help you determine whether to clean the leaves or not. When you deal with well-maintained and healthy portions of your landscape, the best bet may be to pick up leaves to prevent any damage that may adversely affect the growth of your plants. It also helps you to maintain cleanliness and discourages pest infestation, burrowing, and nesting.

    Think about what will happen if you do not remove the leaves off the ground. Weigh the pros and cons of the situation considering the essential aspects. Also, think of what you will do with all the leaves if you choose to remove them.

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