• Commercial Landscaping: Benefits & Choosing the Right Company

    Just like a home, your business is often first judged by its exterior. If you want to give the best impression, it helps to have a plush lawn and weed-free landscape. To ensure your landscape is as impressive as possible, you may consider hiring a commercial landscaping company near you. They can help you keep the exteriors of your property in excellent condition. However, there are several commercial landscape maintenance companies out there, which can make it challenging for you to choose the right one. Read on to learn how to select the right professionals for commercial landscaping and the benefits of doing so.

    Top Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

    • Increases Property Value
      If you are looking for ways to improve your property’s market value, investing in commercial landscaping services can help. By enhancing the aesthetics of your place, you can ensure your business stands out from your competitors. It also reflects your professionalism and indicates that you care about what your customers think of your business.
    • Eliminates Weeds, Diseases, and Insects
      Regular lawn care and maintenance of your commercial property will limit weed growth and allow the grass to thrive. It will also help keep insects and pests away. Professional landscaping services can ensure your grass is healthy, naturally more resilient, and looks lush, giving your premises a tidy and welcoming appearance.
    • Adds Colour to Bland Landscapes
      Hiring professional landscaping services in Toronto is an excellent way to maintain colourful flowering plants and vibrant foliage on your commercial property. Doing so can help add more beauty to an otherwise dull landscape.
    • Consistent Results
      Regular maintenance ensures your landscape always looks beautiful and well-groomed. Hiring trained and experienced professionals to carry out property maintenance in Toronto can help ensure your commercial space never looks shoddy or unkempt. Also, regular upkeep helps to minimize your landscape maintenance expenses in the long-term.

    Why Hire Professionals for Commercial Property Maintenance?

    As a business owner, you need to focus your attention on your business and clients. However, you also need to make sure your commercial property always looks presentable. This is because a poorly maintained landscape or lawn will deter your clients and may negatively impact your business. Hiring professionals for landscape and commercial property maintenance services can help you achieve this.

    Main Reasons to Hire Professionals for Commercial Landscaping

    • Most landscaping companies have the tools and equipment for the job. You will not have to purchase gardening and landscaping equipment for the upkeep of your property.
    • They will be able to carry out large-scale maintenance and clean-up work. As they often work in teams, they can get the work done quickly and efficiently.
    • Professionals offering landscaping services will maintain your landscape and ensure that problems such as pest infestation or tree disease are caught early.
    • They have the skills, expertise, and knowledge to use the right techniques to get the desired results.
    • They will maintain your landscape on a pre-determined schedule to ensure your property is always presentable.
    • When you hire a professional, you will not need to spend your valuable time and resources maintaining your landscape. You can focus on other essential matters and serve your customers while the professional property maintenance crew keeps your landscape and garden in great shape.

    Now that you know the benefits of commercial property maintenance and hiring professional landscaping services, let us look at how to choose the right landscaping company.

    Choosing the Right Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company

    Commercial landscaping companies help install, maintain, and correct issues with your landscape. They can also help redesign your existing landscape for better aesthetics, provide you with weed control services, and keep your building’s exterior looking fresh and inviting.

    To ensure you pick the right company, consider the following five factors:

    • Landscape Design
      When hiring professionals to maintain the landscape of your commercial property, ensure that they can improve the premises as per your needs. This is because landscape trends keep changing, and you may want to swap your existing landscape design for something more trendy or eco-friendly. Therefore, make sure the company you choose also offers high-end landscape designs and installations.
    • Services You Need
      The needs for commercial landscapes are not the same as residential. Services you may need include snow removal, tree planting and removal, weed control, weekly mowing and edging, fertilizing, flower bed upkeep, bush and tree trimming, and more. Ensure the commercial landscaping company you choose can provide these services on time and budget.
    • Sustainable Services
      Being green has become an essential part of property maintenance these days, and it does not just involve the colour of your lawn. You may consider hiring a commercial landscaping company to help turn your landscape into a sustainable one, including having a water-smart and energy-efficient lawn.
    • Company Qualifications
      Before hiring a company for commercial landscaping services, check their official website, review customer testimonials, check out a few references, and consider their specific qualifications. Be sure to ask the following questions:

      • Do they have industry certifications?
      • Can they provide insurance and warranty information?
      • Are they affiliated with any professional organizations?
      • Do they have the employees and equipment to handle the job?
      • Will you deal with in-house staff, or will they hire sub-contractors to complete the work?

      Doing so can help you find the right landscaping company that meets your needs.

    • Account Manager
      As a corporate client, you should receive the benefit of an account manager. They are your centralized contact for any issues related to your landscape maintenance and can help ensure your work is scheduled at your convenience and completed on time. The account manager may not be the same salesperson that sets up your commercial contract, so it helps to ask about who will oversee your account.

    Hire a Commercial Landscape Maintenance Company

    Hire a Commercial Landscape Maintenance CompanyGreenbloom is a prominent name when it comes to landscaping in Toronto. We have the resources and expertise to help with your commercial landscape design and maintenance needs. We offer weekly maintenance, high-end landscape services, and attractive, eco-friendly designs so that you can take your building’s exterior to the next level.

    Whether you are looking for landscaping services for an industrial park, office, retail location, or apartment complex, our professionals can keep your lawn and surrounding landscape looking its best.

    If you want to know more about our commercial property maintenance in Toronto, don’t hesitate to call us at 647-500-5263. You could also request an estimate by filling out our online form.