• Tips & Tricks to Prepare Your Commercial Landscape for Summer

    It is essential to maintain a well-landscaped place of business as it speaks volumes about your enterprise. However, a major problem that owners of commercial properties often face during the summer months is to keep the landscape looking lush and healthy. Reputable commercial landscape contractors who have the expertise and resources to offer landscaping services can help you accomplish this. Read on to learn more about commercial landscape management and maintenance.

    Tips to Maintain Landscape of Commercial Properties in Summer

    • Spring Clean-Up
      According to landscape contractors, clean-up is an essential part of commercial landscape maintenance. It is a simple routine that involves the removal of debris and leaves, cleaning hard surfaces, and properly disposing of the waste. It helps to keep your garden organized, neat, and well-groomed.
    • Plant Care
      Remember that grass and other plants need special care in the hot summer months. This is because the heat can damage them, making the plants dry and causing them to wilt. The idea is to keep your grass green and landscape vibrant by planting shrubs and trees that require less water to enhance the appeal of your landscape.
    • Proper Irrigation System and Drainage
      The heat from the sun often gets intensified because of the concrete and asphalt used on commercial properties. In addition to this, there is little precipitation as the weather becomes drier and hotter. This is why it is crucial to have a proper irrigation system to ensure that your plants are well-watered. If you have an irrigation system installed, it helps to hire a commercial landscaping company to make sure it works well. They can help you maximize the returns from these landscaping investments.
    • Adequate Aeration
      After installing an efficient irrigation system, it is crucial to ensure that a sufficient amount of water and air reaches the plants and grass. It helps to reduce thatch accumulation and soil compaction. Aerate the turf by removing small clusters of thatch and clumps of soil that may prevent the roots from getting enough water.
    • Choose the Right Plants
      The most important tip for landscaping during summers is to choose plants that are heat-tolerant and need less water to thrive. To keep your commercial property looking its best during the summer months, make sure to fertilize well. This will help you ensure that the plants get the essential nutrients to survive the summer heat.

    Our Experts Can Help Maintain Your Commercial Landscape

    commercial propertyGreenbloom is a leading commercial landscape contractor committed to providing exceptional landscaping services in Toronto. We have qualified professionals and experienced experts to understand your needs and help you create and maintain the landscape of your business place. We know that maintaining the landscape of a commercial property is good for business, which is why we strive to offer reliable advice and accurate solutions. We have the resources and knowledge to accomplish your goals within the given deadline without any hassles.

    If you are looking for landscape contractors in Toronto, give us a call at 647-500-5263 or fill out our online form to request an estimate.

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