• 9 Things You Must Know About Weed Killers

    Using Weed Killers to Maintain Your Commercial Property

    Most people think that using weed killing products do not help when it comes to weed removal and maintaining their yard and garden. This is because they expect that the best weed killer should get rid of the weeds in one application without any adverse results. Although this is not realistic, using the right herbicides can certainly help. As a leading landscaping company, we have listed a few useful things you must keep in mind when using weed killing products.

    Things to Know About Weed Killers for Weed Removal

    • You May Have to Spray Multiple Times
      Although lawn weeds may die after a single application of weed killer, you may have to spray multiple times to get rid of the following:

      • More mature weeds
      • Perennial weeds such as dandelions that have strong roots
      • Stubborn types of weeds that do not absorb herbicides, particularly those with hairy coverings
    • Stronger Concentration Doesn’t Mean it is the Best Weed Killer
      When removing weeds from your garden and yard, it helps to remember that herbicides do not work better with a stronger concentration. Instead of choosing a heavy concentration, it is better to spray again. Also, a stronger product may damage the area.
    • Weed Killers Take Time
      Although some herbicides work quickly, others may take days before you notice any results. It helps to remember that a fast weed killing product usually damages and kills everything it touches. You must choose the best weed killer according to the type of weed you want to get rid of from your garden or yard. In addition to this, the rate of growth, weather conditions, and temperature also affect the reaction of the weeds to herbicides.
    • Liquid Weed Sprays Give Better Results than Granular Ones
      When using the liquid sprays for killing weeds, you can cover more area thoroughly, resulting in a better result. Although granular products are useful for weed removal, using the liquid form gives a more accurate outcome.
    • Failing to Clean the Residue May Kill Good Plants
      Do not use the same sprayers for herbicides and fertilizers. This is because it may harm other plants. Also, it helps to use the entire mixture of chemicals within 2 to 3 days and take a fresh mix when needed.
    • Weed-and-Feed Fertilizer is Not Very Effective
      If you want to remove weeds while improving the appearance of your lawn and garden, Weed-and-Feed fertilizer may not be sufficient. It is only useful for early control of weeds, and not in case of a severe infestation.
    • Know Which Product to Choose
      Some types of grass are more sensitive and reactive to herbicides than others. Select weed killers that are safe for your variety of grass, so you don’t end up killing other plants and grass as well.
    • Ensure it is Safe for People and Pets
      Confirm whether it is safe for people and pets to go on the lawn after spraying the product. Use your judgment to avoid being exposed to the chemicals.
    • Read the Instructions on the Package Carefully
      Don’t just glance over the information on the product. Follow the directions correctly when mixing the chemicals and use it properly for best results.

    We Can Help Get Rid of Weeds Quickly and Efficiently

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