• 8 Dog-Friendly Landscape Designs and Tips

    With more people choosing to have pets, we often get homeowners asking us how to develop dog-friendly landscape designs. As a leading landscaping company in Toronto, we have listed a few tips to help transform your backyard into a safe place where your pets can play and have fun.

    8 Pet-Friendly Landscape Tips

    1. Consider Safety First
      When choosing a landscape design for your property, it helps to opt for a fully fenced backyard or install a chain-linked fence to ensure that your dog does not make a run for the street. You could also have a dog run if you have a large area. This way, you can ensure their safety.
    2. Provide Fresh Water
      Your dog needs plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially during the warm spring and summer months. You could have an urn or an attractive bowl of water for them.
    3. Provide Shade and Shelter
      Shelter is another essential aspect that you need to consider when selecting landscape designs because dogs can also get sunburnt or suffer from heatstroke. It helps to have large trees that offer shade on your property. You could also install overhead tarps using shade cloths to create a comfortable space for them.
    4. Ensure Your Landscape is Toxin Free
      Some landscaping materials can cause problems with your dog. This is why it helps to keep fertilizers, paints, rakes, shears, and other landscaping essentials in a shed or away from your pet. Be sure to only use items that are nontoxic as well.
    5. Have a Play Area
      If you want to keep areas of your yard free from dog toys and waste, you could have a separate play area for your dog. Create a digging corner for them filled with fresh sand. You could also bury toys and treats beneath the sand for your dog to dig and find. This way, you can keep them engaged.
    6. Add Paved Pathways
      Dogs love to prowl and explore different areas. It helps to have paved paths so they can explore and have fun. You could install stone walkways for aesthetic appeal and functionality because it is dog-friendly and easy to maintain.
    7. Plant Wisely
      Some plants such as lilies and azaleas are dangerous for dogs. Be sure to plant only those trees, shrubs, and flowers that are nontoxic and safe for your pets.
    8. Install Additional Landscaping Features
      You could create a window in the fence or gate for your dog to watch the outside world. You may also install a water feature for them to enjoy. These landscaping features can keep your pet engaged.

    Our Landscape Designers Can Help You Create Dog-Friendly Backyard

    backyard into a safe dog-friendly spaceAt Greenbloom, we offer complete residential landscaping services, including helping you choose landscape designs. We have experts who understand your needs, analyze the property, and can come up with beautiful designs and ideas within your budget. We have knowledge and expertise to help you transform your backyard into a safe dog-friendly space where your pet can have fun.

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