• 10 Ingenious Garden Problems and Solutions

    Not everyone is a natural-born green thumb. Whether you are a new gardener or an experienced one, there will come a time when you have problems beyond your green expertise. Luckily, the garden care service pros from Greenbloom are here to share our expertise, solutions, and our garden services in Toronto when you need them.

    10 Garden Problems and Solutions for the Homeowner

    Whether you have grass that will not grow or weeds overtaking your vegetable garden, most of these issues can be solved quite easily; but you must take the right steps at the right time.

    Solutions For Garden Owners

    1. Plants are Getting Too Much Water: If your plants stop growing, the leaves and branches are limp, and you notice yellowing, you have mold developing. The solution: slow up on watering or mix in more sand to improve drainage.
    2. Grass Not Growing on a Slope: Growing grass on a sloped area is difficult. Slopes receive more heat and dry area, which means that area of the lawn requires more water deep into the soil. If the seed does not establish, consider hiring Greenbloom for garden maintenance in Toronto, and we can help plant your lawn properly.
    3. Garden Overrun with Weeds: Tame the weeds by applying herbicide in the spring and fall. This kills the various seasonal weeds. If the problem is severe year-round, contact Greenbloom for garden services in Toronto.
    4. Lawn Has Bare Patches: If you notice bare spots throughout your lawn, try reseeding. If the bare patches are in a high-traffic area, consider adding stepping stones to cover the bare spots instead.
    5. Flowers are Not Growing: Perennials and annuals are not suitable in all zones. Be sure the plants you are using are designated for your planting zone or bring them inside to grow.
    6. Invasive Plants: Some plants like to take over the yard and garden. Invasive species should be transplanted to a container or moved away from the garden. Invasive plants can damage natural flora; therefore, it is best to remove them.
    7. Plants are Thirsty: You water, but your plants still seem dry. The issue could be over mulching. You only need 2 to 4 inches of mulch for trees and shrubs and 1 to 2 inches for flowers. Any more may result in the mulch taking up water and your plants receiving none.
    8. Dead Patches in the Lawn: Dead spots can be caused by disease or pests, such as grubs. If you have a grub problem, contact Greenbloom. Our garden maintenance services will eradicate grubs, prevent them from spreading, and reseed to help restore your lawn.
    9. Burn Spots on the Grass: Over fertilizing your lawn or garden can result in fertilizer burn. Prevent it by applying a slow-release formula instead, and using well-composed manures when you add to the garden.
    10. Storm Damage: Storms, including wind, hail, ice, and torrential rains, can damage your garden and lawn. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need a garden maintenance service to take remedial steps. Also, be sure to prune your garden properly. If you prune too early, you might cause frost damage. On the opposite, if you prune too late, you may have breakage in wind and rain storms.

    At Greenbloom, we are a full-service lawn and garden company in Toronto. If you have garden problems, we have solutions. Call us in for those pressing issues, and we can help get your lawn back to its former (if not better) glory.

    Learn more about our garden maintenance in Toronto by contacting the team at Greenbloom. You can also call us at 647-500-5263.