Interested in installing an irrigation system? Want to fix or maintain the existing one? We provide excellent irrigation services in Toronto, ON. Call us.

Why waste your weekend watering plants? Let us install the ideal irrigation system at your property in Toronto, Ontario. If you already have one but want to replace or repair it, rely on our services. When the sprinkler heads break or the system is not good enough for your current needs, we will be there to meet your requirements.

What our Irrigation Services include

  • Irrigation installation: When you decide to install a new irrigation system, contact us. As soon as our pro arrives at your property, he evaluates your needs by examining the space of your landscaping and listening to your requirements. Not all properties are the same. They differ in terms of size and plant species. And we suggest the best irrigation solutions to make sure your garden’s needs are fully covered. If you finally decide to install an irrigation system, you can rest assured that your property will be treated with respect. We install all sprinkler pipes and make sure your garden looks great when we are done.
  • Quick repair service: If you have any problem with the way the sprinklers or the entire irrigation system works, give us a call. Sometimes, the heads of the sprinklers or pipes break. The system might get affected by the cold temperatures during the winter. Call us to take care of problems.
  • Maintenance service: The best season to maintain irrigation systems is the early spring. This is the time when we need to check the sprinkles, make adjustments, set the timer, inspect the valves, and do whatever is necessary to ensure the system will work fine.

As winter landscaping maintenance experts, we will also maintain your irrigation system before the temperatures drop. Autumn is the best season to visit your property to flush out the water so that the pipes won’t freeze.

The Benefits of an Irrigation System

Irrigation System In BackyardWith correct irrigation system installation, you save time and money. Think of all the times you have to go back and forth to water your garden not to mention the water wasted when watering plants alone. With our irrigation services, water waste is reduced dramatically and you save yourself some time to spend it otherwise.

Did you expand the size of the landscape? Nothing to worry about! We can adjust the irrigation system and make the necessary changes to ensure the whole garden is watered.

Making sure your plants get enough water without wasting any is the secret to keeping a beautiful and healthy garden and saving money. Call us today at 647-888-8825 if you have any questions about our Irrigation Service in Toronto.

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