Lawns are one of the main focal points associated with curb appeal for your home or business. It seems like everyone wants a lush lawn that is healthy green and inviting, but not everyone knows what is required to make this happen. Grass requires special care. Our professionals at Greenbloom Landscaping know what it takes to create and maintain healthy and attractive lawns. We provide core aeration service that provides fantastic results.

Core Aeration Service

aeration-in-prgressGrass roots extend well beneath the ground and depend on vital nutrients for good health. Grass needs to breathe just like humans do. Lawns will actually starve if they don’t receive the oxygen necessary to make certain the stored sugar apparent during photosynthesis is not able to metabolize and find its way to the grass roots. However, this process is often disturbed when the soil is not compacted around these roots.

Compact soil makes it more difficult for roots to get the nutrients, oxygen and water it needs. When the soil is too compact the roots will often grow laterally in an attempt to find those elements they need. As a result, the horizontal roots weaken the soil, which makes it vulnerable to grub worms and other pests that prey on the lawn.

Defining Core Aeration

how-aeration-worksThe aeration process that we provide for our residential or business customers works against those problems associated with compact soil and leads to more healthy and attractive lawns. Various Toronto landscaping companies might use a variety of aeration options, but we utilize core aeration, which requires that small dirt and grass plugs be removed at consistent intervals.

We believe this process is more beneficial because it allows the roots of the lawn to get a better flow of oxygen, nutrients and water due to the many holes left behind from plug removal. In addition, these holes have a way of loosening up the soil and creating more room for grass roots to grow properly. Additionally, the roots expand to fill the empty holes left behind, which in the end results in enhanced lawn density. The core aeration process will also combat thatch, a process that is harmful to your lawn.

The Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn

If you notice that your lawn is becoming a little thin, the fertilizing process isn’t altering the progression and water seems to just roll over and off your lawn without soaking into the soil; these are good signs it is time to aerate your lawn. This is a definite sign that the soil in your lawn is too compact and your lawn is beginning to suffer.

Our professionals at Greenbloom Landscaping specialize in lawn maintenance and core aeration. We believe that the type of grass in your lawn can tell you when it is the best time to aerate. Cool weather grasses should be aerated in the autumn, while warm grasses are best aerated in the spring or early summer at best.

Our landscape maintenance team knows that regardless of the type of grass you have in your yard the most effective way of creating that lush green lawn you are seeking is through our cost effective core aeration process.


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