Everyone wants a lush lawn that is healthy, green, and inviting, but not everyone knows what is required to make this happen. The professionals at Greenbloom Landscape Design know what it takes and provide core aeration services that give fantastic results.

Core Aeration

Core Aeration Equipment

  • What Is It?
    • A process of removing small dirt and grass plugs (cores) at consistent intervals.
  • What Is the Depth of Aeration?
    • Depth is approximately 3 inches.

Reasons to Aerate

  • Why Is It Important?
    • Helps reduce thatch and compaction on your lawn.
    • Lawns need to breathe to make sure that the sugars acquired during photosynthesis can make their way to the roots to feed the grass.
    • When soil is too compact, it is more difficult for roots to receive nutrients.
    • Roots will begin to grow sideways in an attempt to find the elements needed.
  • What Are the Benefits?
    • Allows the roots to get better airflow, nutrients, and water.
    • Loosens the soil, giving roots more room to grow properly.
    • Roots expand to fill empty holes, enhancing lawn density.

When Should You Aerate?

  • Signs Your Lawn Needs to Be Aerated
    • Lawn is becoming thin.
    • Fertilizing is not helping grass grow.
    • Water does not soak into the soil.
    • Compacted soil in high traffic areas such as paths and play areas of children and pets.
    • Due to soil compaction from heavy machinery after a construction project.
  • Best Time of Year to Aerate
    • Cool-Season Grass – Aerate in the spring or fall.
    • Warm-Season Grass – Aerate in the spring or early summer.
  • How Often Should You Aerate?
    • Clay soil – At least once a year.
    • Sandy soil – Once a year, or alternating years.
    • All other soil types – Once a year, or alternating years.
    • Dry climates – Twice a year to enhance lawn performance.