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Landscaping in Oshawa

If you are looking for professionals who offer landscaping services in Oshawa, Greenbloom is the right choice! We have experts who can come up with suitable designs and ideas that meet your needs. We will help you create a beautiful front yard and backyard that is functional and aesthetically pleasing and enhances the overall value of your property.


Front Yard Landscaping in Oshawa

Landscaping your front yard is an excellent way to increase the curb appeal, making your home more inviting. Our experts will provide services for the practical aspects, including shade, privacy, and erosion control, in addition to aesthetics. Properly planning your front yard landscaping can help you save money, time, and effort while creating a space you love.

Our Landscaping Ideas for the Front of Your Home in Oshawa

Multilevel Landscaping

Whether you want to add visual interest or conserve space, our multilevel landscaping services are what you need. The modern landscaping designs include adding stylized porch rails, raised planting beds, and steps to enhance your home’s architecture.

Terrace Landscaping

If you plan to spend more time in your front yard, we can help you transform it into a beautiful abode by building a terrace with features such as cobblestone paths, retaining walls, a vibrant garden, and more.

Waterfall Accents

If you want to take your front yard to a whole new level, adding a water feature to the landscaping is a great idea. We offer quality landscaping services when it comes to waterfall accents.

Arbour Entryways

If you want to add more warmth and beauty to your home, we can create arbour entryways with trees, shrubs, and plants located strategically.

Backyard Landscaping Services in Oshawa

We offer reliable and quality landscaping services with excellent backyard designs and ideas. We can help you create a beautiful space where you can relax and enjoy hosting events.

Our Backyard Landscaping Services

Manage the Elevation

Depending on the size of your backyard, we can help you change the elevation to enhance the overall aesthetics. Whether you want a raised garden bed or a seating area, our experts can come up with the best designs.

Upgrade Your Backyard

If you want more space to entertain by adding a lounge area, stone pavers, or installing any other hardscapes, we can make it happen. We also offer yard and garden maintenance services.

Staycation Haven

If you want a backyard where you can relax, we can transform your surroundings into a peaceful space where you can have fun with your loved ones.

Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you like organizing events at your home, we can come up with modern landscaping designs and ideas for your backyard to create a functional and beautiful space.

Contact Us for Landscaping Services in Oshawa

It helps to know that a little planning can help you create a beautiful landscape for your property. Our landscaping experts can implement suitable designs within your budget and address logistical concerns while incorporating your needs into our strategies.

For more information about our modern landscaping services, please call us at 647-500-5263. You could also request a free estimate by filling out our online contact form.

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