Landscape Consulting

Landscape Consulting

When planning to remodel your property, it is recommended to meet with a landscape consultant. The experts at Greenbloom Landscape Design can help you plan and coordinate your remodeling project to ensure it turns out as you expected and within your budget.

What to Expect?

Landscape Consulting Services

To make the most of your meeting, take some time to prepare in advance for what is going to be discussed during your time with the consultant.

  • Discussing Design Ideas
    • Open the lines of communication between you and the designer.
    • Consider what vision and goals you have for the space now and for the future.
    • Focus on what you would like to use the space for, such as entertaining, barbeques, or a vegetable garden, and share these ideas with your designer.
    • Think about the style you have in mind. If you are not sure, look at some designs, photographs, magazines and see what appeals to you before the meeting.
  • Surveying the Area
    • The initial visit lets your designer get a good look at the area they will be working with.
    • This is important as the scope of the yard determines what can and cannot be done in terms of hardscaping and softscaping.
  • Creating the Estimate
    • Determine your budget a head of time.
    • Discuss colours and materials with the consultant, as they affect the costs.
    • The most expensive part of a design is the hardscape.
    • If the estimate is above your budget, cut out the least important elements to you.