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Firewood Delivery on Demand

The joy of sitting around a fire with loved ones is a tradition that has been passed on for millennia. Inside or out, Canadians share in this tradition year-round as we pick our wood carefully, build our fire and stoke it late into the evening. Greenbloom Home Supply is pleased to join in this tradition by bringing you the best, fully-seasoned and kiln-dried wood that Southern Ontario has to offer.


Finding firewood in the city can be tricky at times. Few vendors that are far between offer sub-par, under-seasoned wood laden with insects and mildew that is hard to find year-round – and then you have to get it home. As we aim to please, firewood on demand means you receive the highest quality mixed hardwood that is pre-approved by us and delivered straight to you.

Not all firewood is considered equal, and there are several things to contemplate before purchasing your stock. The amount of time the wood ages and therefore dries determines its weight per volume, ease of starting and the amount of smoke it produces when lit. Apart from its aesthetic and audible attributes, firewood is an economical, environmentally friendly and renewable source of energy. With a much smaller carbon footprint than its fossil fuel counterparts, we believe that local, aged firewood is a homeowner’s necessity as we transition into a time of environmental action.

Greenbloom Home Supply sources firewood from Guelph, Ontario that has been cut and kiln-dried three years prior to delivery to you. Insect and mildew-free, our firewood can be purchased in a number of practical volumes to meet your needs and consumption rate.

How It Works

  • Step 1
    Place an order with us
  • Step 2
    Arrange for delivery time and drop off place
    (Please allow 5-7 business days for processing and delivery)
  • Step 3
    Build your fire and warm up the home

Pricing & Payment Information

Prices include delivery fee for on-site drop off – stacking fee applies as requested:

Firewood QuantityStacking AvailableStack FeeRetail Amount (+HST)
1 Individual Bag (Approx. 10-15)NoN/A$12
¼ Face Cord (Approx. 60-80)Yes$75 / Hour$325
½ Face Cord (Approx. 100-120)Yes$75 / Hour$565
Full Face Cord (Approx. 200-240)Yes$75 / Hour$695

Once you’ve confirmed your purchase by e-mail or by phone, we will contact you once you will submit your order below, we’ll send you an invoice by e-mail and will charge your credit card after you have received your order.

As with all of our services, we accept payment by credit card only and DO NOT accept cash, Interac e-Transfer or cheque.

Delivery Hours

Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm

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