Winter Never Leaves Toronto


This has been the warmest winter in Toronto. The above-season-average temperatures even fooled some that winter won’t visit us this year. We forget that Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world and the freezing temperatures refuse to walk out of Toronto. Up until recently the weather was abnormally mild and then suddenly the temperatures fell and we had one of the coldest Valentine’s Days ever.

Is Toronto weather going crazy?

So, Toronto winter doesn’t suffer from amnesia. It’s here with a few weeks difference. The strange thing was that the warm days lasted much longer than they usually do during the winter time. We had the lowest snowfall record ever. Four winters back we were talking about the lowest snow record which was 42.8 cm. This year the snow in Toronto just reached 26 cm. That’s a big difference. The 16 degrees Celsius during winter days is purely an anomaly and is mainly due to El Nino – scientists agree.

The bad thing with the unexpected high temperatures amidst the Toronto winter is that wildlife is suffering. Don’t forget that diseases spread easier during warm days and some animals rely on snow for protection. Although water birds have died over the last years due to the very low temperatures, the temperature fluctuations are not good for anyone. We have moved from +16 C to -16 C in just ten days.

Though the latest weather broadcast issued special reports about upcoming storms and snowfall. That’s it you guys! Winter never forgets Toronto! The major storm expected is supposed to carry heavy snowfall. So, if you got cosy with the nice weather, get out the winter gear. You will need your snow tyres and your shovel because we will all soon clear snow from our pathways.

Toronto is prepared to deal with snowfall

snowThe good thing with cities, like Toronto, is that they are always ready to cope with the heaviest snowfall. When major snow storm conditions are announced, the whole city starts dancing. Snow route signs get out to designate the points where we can’t park, the Greenbloom Maintenance guys get their plowing machines out and get ready to scoop snow, local authorities upload instructions online and inform people what to do and what not to do, the weather broadcasts all day long.


Check out what you should do this winter

We have responsibilities, too. First of all, we should respect the signs put up by the Toronto transportation services. They are there for a reason and meant to make everyone’s life easier. Besides, if you park on a designated snow route, you will be fined with a $200 ticket. What’s also helpful is that you can find the streets, which have snow route signs for your convenience online. It’s also best to clean up your yard, driveway and main walkway to be ready for the first snowflakes. That’s even more important for businesses, which ought to keep clear pathways and parking lots for visitors.

Get ready for snow removal

So, everyone is going to need some snow removal and salting services soon or later. Yousnow_clearing can also find out online which streets are cleared from snow and at which hours snow removal services take place so that you will avoid parking at designated snow removal areas. Everything becomes much easier when we are prepared to take action when winter calls, and as history has proved we have managed to do so even during worse winters. But don’t forget: just because we had an extensive fall this year, it doesn’t mean that the temperatures won’t drop at the lowest points. February 3rd is reported as the warmer winter day in Canada during the last 175 years, but February 14th was the coldest one in 22 years.