Why Snow Removal Is Not a Job for You

snow shovel

Every winter the same dilemma: should we hire a professional landscaping company to scoop snow away from our yards or include it to our DIY tasks? How about breaking down the reasons why or why not do it yourself?

What can a snow removal service provider can do for you?

· They provide residential and commercial snow removal and so no matter which propertysnow-shovel you want to clean, they have you covered.

· They have the equipment to do any job required.

· They can clear pathways, driveways, sideways, rooftops – you name it.

· They provide sanding and salting services.

· They are prepared to offer such winter services and most likely help you urgently.

· As garden maintenance experts, they will know what to do to protect your yard.

The only downside is that you will have to pay for the snow removal services. But if you think the price you pay is not worth the while, consider your winter garden tasks and whether or not you are able to do what’s necessary.

5 reasons NOT to remove snow yourself

· If you don’t want to hire a pro to offer snow shoveling service, you have to do it alone. Butwinter_salting_service this takes time and strength. How’s your back by the way? What’s your age? Do you have enough free time?

· Salting or sanding? How about that? Will you know when to spread salt and when to sand? How much should you use? What should you buy? And don’t forget that too much sanding might clog your drainage system in the event of storms. If you blow snow to clear your pathways but you have already put salt, you will cause damage to your plants.

· How about commercial properties? Who can cover the large surface with ease and in time? When it comes to such properties, the safety of your customers and employees is your number one priority during the winter. And it’s really hard to keep control of every single area making sure there are no slippery shortcuts or ice dams threatening the life of people.

· One more thing: without the right equipment, you cannot clear your pathways from snow well. There is only so much you can do with a shovel. If you want to invest in other equipment, you will spend more than if you could just go ahead and hire a professional residential snow removal team.

· And don’t forget that the snow must be cleared as soon as snowfall stops not to mention the freezing cold. Are you up to it?

Sorry, but you lose! You get to enjoy the winter indoors this year

As it turns out, you have no reasons for doing the job yourself. Why wonder where to put the shoveled snow so that you won’t block the drainage system or pedestrians? Why spend money on equipment that you don’t even know how to use? And don’t forget that inexperience and the harsh winter conditions will make room for mistakes. You might decide to use hot water to melt the ice but that will only make matters worse. When it comes to snow and ice, the only game you should play is making a snowman with the kids. As for winter property maintenance, it’s worth leaving it to the pros.