Tree Removal & Cutting

Tree Removal & Cutting Service in Toronto

When you are looking to remove a tree on your property, a permit may be required and your replacement tree will need city approval. The experts at Greenbloom Landscape Design can help you obtain the right permits and have your trees removed and the new ones replanted without you needing to worry.

What to Know Before You Remove a Tree

remove a tree on your property

  • When Do You Need Permission to Remove A Tree?
    • The tree is on the street.
    • The tree is in an area that is regulated under the Ravine and Natural Feature Protection By-law.
    • The tree on your property has a diameter of 30cm or more.
  • Are There Any Other Instances That Require Permits?
    • You require a permit for activities that could cause injury, destruction, or removal of the previously mentioned trees such as:
      • Demolition, construction, alteration or replacement of buildings, driveways, sidewalks, patios, retaining walls, decks, raised gardens, or sheds.
      • Installing large stones or boulders.
      • Altering the grade of your property.
      • Applying or disposing of any substance that may affect the health of the tree.
      • Cutting, crushing, breaking, or stripping roots, branches, and the trunk of the tree.
      • Nailing or stapling anything to a tree.
      • Stringing cables through or installing lights on a tree.
  • What Are the City By-Laws for Tree Removal?
    • Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 813 deals with trees and can be found here.
  • What Tree Types Can I Replace My Removed Tree With?
    • The following chart indicates accepted trees in Toronto:
Tree NameGrowth SizeHardinessNative To
Black MapleLargeHardySouthern Ontario
Red MapleMediumHardySouthern Ontario
Silver MapleLargeVery HardySouthern Ontario
Sugar MapleLargeSensitiveSouthern Ontario
Ohio BuckeyeMediumSensitiveSouthern Ontario
HackberryMediumVery HardySouthern Ontario
Kentucky CoffeetreeLargeVery HardySouthern Ontario
Tulip TreeLargeSensitiveSouthern Ontario
Cucumber TreeMediumSensitiveSouthern Ontario
Black GumMediumSensitiveSouthern Ontario
IronwoodMediumHardySouthern Ontario
White SpruceMediumSensitiveSouthern Ontario
White PineLargeSensitiveSouthern Ontario
White OakLargeSensitiveSouthern Ontario
Swamp White OakMediumHardySouthern Ontario
Bur OakMediumHardySouthern Ontario
Chinquapin OakLargeHardySouthern Ontario
Red OakLargeHardySouthern Ontario
Northern CatalpaLargeHardyNorth America
Yellow-WoodSmallModerately HardyNorth America
Sweet GumMediumSensitiveNorth America
Black LocustMediumHardyNorth America
Freeman MapleMediumVery HardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
Ruby Red Horse ChestnutMediumModerately HardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
Horse ChestnutMediumHardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
Japanese KatsuraMediumModerately HardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
Turkish HazelMediumModerately HardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
European BeechLargeSensitiveEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
GinkgoLargeVery HardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
Skyline Honey LocustMediumVery HardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
Dawn RedwoodLargeSensitiveEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
London Plane-TreeLargeModerately HardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
English OakLargeHardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
Redmond LindenLargeHardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
Little Leaf LindenLargeHardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
Valley Forge ElmLargeHardyEurope, Asia, Hybrids, Cultivars
  • What Do I Do About A Damaged or Diseased Tree on My Boulevard?
    • Contact 311 in Toronto and they will address your concerns for you.
  • How Do I Remove A Tree from My Boulevard?
    • Contact 311 in Toronto and they will discuss it with you further.