Soil Amendments

Natural Soil Amendments

To create a beautiful garden, it is important to start with healthy soil to give your plants the best possible environment in which to grow. The lawncare professionals at Greenbloom Landscape Design can assist you in determining which amendments are best suited to improve your soil quality helping your plants to grow lush and beautiful.

What Are Amendments and Do You Need Them

Organic Garden Soil

  • What Are Soil Amendments?
    • Materials mixed with the soil to alter and enhance its physical properties.
  • Why Use Soil Amendments?
    • Improve your soil for optimum plant growth by modifying texture, pH, and nutrients.
  • Signs Your Soil Needs Amendments
    • Have your soil tested to determine its health.
    • Poor plant growth, plants are not thriving.
    • Leaves may appear pale in colour or look sickly.
    • Plants may be showing signs of disease.
  • What Is the Difference Between Fertilizer and Soil Amendments?
    • Soil amendments affect the soil structure and condition. Fertilizers contribute nutrients to the plants and add nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to the soil.

Types of Soil Amendments

TypeWhat Is ItWhat Does It DoWhen Do You Use It
Soil Conditioner (Compost, Humus)Various organic or inorganic materialsImprove soil structureAfter receiving the results of your soil test so you know what conditions to treat
Growth Stimulator (Mycorrhizae)A type of fungusDevelops a network that draws nutrients and water from the soil and brings it to the plant rootsWhen planting. Apply soluble as a seed soak, and granular into the hole of each plant.
pH AdjusterVarious organic materialsLower or raise the pH of the soil to make it more acidic or alkalineDepending on which plants you’re growing and the acidity levels of your soil