Salting Service


As property maintenance specialists, we know the value of seasonal services and offer the best in Ontario. When the cold winter Toronto days turn white, you won’t only need our snow removal services but also Salting. We take care of your garden so that it will be protected during the freezing winter days but also take care of you. Snow can cause accidents and with the application of the right amount of salt, we make sure our customers are safe. With the winter seasonal packages of Greenbloom Maintenance Toronto, you can enjoy our services without worrying about your safety or your yard.

The best salting services in Toronto

We provide snow removal and salting service in Toronto and have the best plowing machinery and equipment, which helps us do our job right. You can trust that our team will respond fast when there is need for Salting. Our services are exceptional in terms of methods, speed and efficiency. We are aware of the importance of salting especially in driveways, pathways, stairways, in front of your property or sideways. Despite the extensive snowing season, gardens and pathways must be clean so that they won’t be a problem to anyone’s safety. We guarantee excellence in salting services so that you can drive off and walk without fearing the possibility of accidents.

Find out why salting is necessary

salting servicesSalting is necessary because it melts ice. It’s all due to chemical reactions. Salty water has a lower freezing point than pure water. By applying salt on ice, where there are at least some signs of water, we manage to create a reaction during which salt starts warming up water and melting the ice. The more ice is melted the better and all due to the fact that salt dissolves in water. If the freezing point is way under zero, we will also have to apply sand over ice. Water molecules move faster when the water is warm and stick together when the water is very cold. At this point, they reach their freezing point. When there is no sign of water in the ice structure, we have to use sand for the prevention of ice buildup and accidents. In any case, our Greenbloom Maintenance team in Toronto will be of great assistance.


Residential Snow Removal

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Commercial Snow Removal

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Snow Removal Services

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Snow Plowing Services

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