Winter Maintenance Package


Winter Maintenance Package – Snow Removal and Salting

Winters are demanding and so are properties during this harsh season. Snow is beautiful but also often a problem and this is the reason for our company offering this special Winter Maintenance Package. With the experience of Greenbloom Maintenance Toronto and the dedication of our team, our services will change your lives in multiple ways. Just consider how much time you will save! Go for this winter package and forget about snow problems and slippery driveways. We can basically help you in two ways during the winter.

  •  By offering snow removal services. We remove snow from the edges of your lawn, from all sideways, stairways, pathways and particularly from the main entrance of your property and the driveway so that you won’t have to worry about coming and going or have trouble with the law
  •  By salting all slippery areas. The pavement at the sideways, the driveway, pathways leading to the property and many other parts around a residence or company can be very slippery especially if snow has turned into ice. We help ice melt by salting all these areas and by making sure there is zero possibility of accidents

When you sign up for this winter package, you don’t only get the assurance of an experienced company for the excellence of the services but you also sign up for you having peace of mind. We get really busy during the winter months since snow dresses Toronto from head to toes. All customers with a special winter package will have priority and their needs will be covered fast by our fully equipped specialists.



3 Seasons Package

3 Seasons Package - Spring, Summer and Fall An excellent solution for those desiring beautiful gardens but don't have the time to even call Greenbloom Maintenance Toronto for services! Time is of the essence for you and our company is here to take your mind off property maintenance. We do that for you! With this awesome 3 Seasons Package, we guarantee that our customers get what they need without even asking about them. The package includes the three most important seasons in terms of fertilization…

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All Inclusive - 4 Seasons Package

Greenbloom Maintenance covers your 4 season garden needs fully! With a team specializing in the plethora of property requirements for great looks and healthy soils, we guarantee to offer services above your expectations. When you sign up for our 4 Seasons Package, you basically leave everything to us. From the spring cleaning up services to lawn fertilization, raking, aeration and snow removal, we take care of everything. You will simply stop worry about these things and this is what makes this package convenient and a…

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Lawn Aeration & Seeding Package

Roots grow thanks to the good natural environment! Since urban environments are not always the best, Greenbloom Maintenance Toronto helps out commercial and residential properties with excellent aeration and overseeding services. In fact, we offer our customers the chance to enjoy the benefits of these two services combined in one seasonal package. You don't have to keep your mind on when it will be the best time to call our company for lawn aeration and overseeding. We pay 2 visits to your property and take…

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Fertilizer Package

Fertilizers make gardens grow! Though, there is the perfect time for everything! Let the professionals of Greenbloom Maintenance Toronto take care of your garden's fertilizing needs with this special packages. Take your mind away from such issues and let our experts check your soil in order to use the right fertilizers. We use high quality products, are experienced and take care of such needs at the right time. We specialize in tree and lawn fertilization and make sure the right fertilizing service is performed at…

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