Lawn Aeration & Seeding Package


Roots grow thanks to the good natural environment! Since urban environments are not always the best, Greenbloom Maintenance Toronto helps out commercial and residential properties with excellent aeration and overseeding services. In fact, we offer our customers the chance to enjoy the benefits of these two services combined in one seasonal package. You don’t have to keep your mind on when it will be the best time to call our company for lawn aeration and overseeding. We pay 2 visits to your property and take care of your property every spring and fall. We know when it’s the best time for these services, provide excellent service and offer this double garden maintenance solution in one package.

Enjoy the benefits of:

  •  Aeration. We actually open small holes in the ground to help roots breathe and get the right nutrients. By perforating the soil, we offer roots the chance to get sufficient air, sunlight, water and nutrients. This procedure is necessary for healthy grass and the growth of plants. Aeration helps the roots to grow deep into the ground and be much stronger and healthier in order to allow the growth of a healthy lawn.
  •  Overseeding. It’s a necessary procedure in order to reinforce the strengths of the existing lawn. Some parts might be damaged during winter and might need some extra seeding. We provide:
    •  Over-seeding and spot-seeding
    •  Lawn cutting before overseeding
    •  Lawn raking in order to remove debris, dead grass and thatch
    •  Over dressing with the right organic matters
    •  Peat moss so that the roots of the plants and lawn can get the right amount of air and the right moisture




3 Seasons Package

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Fertilizer Package

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