3 Seasons Package


3 Seasons Package – Spring, Summer and Fall

An excellent solution for those desiring beautiful gardens but don’t have the time to even call Greenbloom Maintenance Toronto for services! Time is of the essence for you and our company is here to take your mind off property maintenance. We do that for you! With this awesome 3 Seasons Package, we guarantee that our customers get what they need without even asking about them. The package includes the three most important seasons in terms of fertilization and proper garden maintenance and you can be sure that we will be there to take care of everything.

We provide spring, summer and fall property maintenance services and each season we follow the right procedures in order to keep the garden of the client in perfect condition, healthy and beautiful. Let us give you an idea of what we do each season:

Spring Services

The pre-spring time is the most important one since it is time to clean up the garden from winter residues and start preparing the property to bloom. We provide:

  •  Full cleaning up services, which include the removal of tree branches and leaves, debris and dirt. We clean walkways and stairways and guarantee perfect dust and leaf blowing from all sideways
  •  We remove coverings from plants and shrubs
  •  We take care of beds with digging and seeding new flowers
  •  We prune shrubs and fence plants
  •  We rake and make sure the whole garden is ready to receive our spring/summer services

Spring / Summer services

Our spring/summer services mainly include the overall maintenance of your property. We visit your property once a week or once every two weeks for:

  •  Weed control, disease monitoring
  •  Lawn maintenance (including lawn cutting, aeration, fertilization)
  •  Flower bed trenching, maintenance and de-weeding
  •  Shrub trimming and pruning
  •  Mild cleaning up (debris removal from the lawn and walkways)
  •  Blowing and sweeping of all areas
  •  Insect infestation control

Fall Services

When the last summer property maintenance services are completed, the professionals of our Greenbloom Maintenance in Toronto will make two more visits in your property in order to offer their fall services. At this stage, we take care of the fall problems with the leaves falling from the trees and prepare the property for winter. We offer:

  •  Cleaning up services with blowing and removing dirt and leaves
  •  Removal of flowers from the beds
  •  Covering trees and shrubs for their protection during the winter
  •  Lawn raking, trimming and cutting

All services are provided by remarkable professionals and rest assured that we collect debris in biodegradable big bags in order to dispose them ourselves and leave your property well maintained and looking good!




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