Lawn Care Services

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Our company offers professional lawn services for years! Taking care of the lawn at residential and commercial properties is our specialty and we take pride for having professionals, who are knowledgeable and fully committed to both their work and customers. The benefits from working with Greenbloom Maintenance Toronto is that your lawn needs will be perfectly covered and at the proper time. Properties need special treatment each season and we do not only have expertise but also guarantee proper lawn fertilization with the right soil and of the highest quality.

Lawn service throughout the year

lawn care serviceWe give attention to quality and make sure our Lawn Services  in Toronto meet the expectations of customers and the requirements of their property. We specialize in lawn treatments and protect your land with the right amount of soil, chosen in association with the particular needs of your own garden. We also provide lawn aeration and make sure soil is breathing well and gets the right nutrients, air, light and water so that the garden can be green and healthy. We work with state of the art equipment and are specialists in property lawn maintenance.

Toronto Specialists in lawn care

As one of the leading companies in Ontario, our Greenbloom Maintenance in Toronto guarantees proficiency in services, the best advices and reliable professionals. We carry with us a legacy and the reputation of our company exceeds all expectations of residential and commercial clients in Toronto. When you rely on our special Lawn Care Services Toronto, you can be sure of the quality of our work. We take excellent care of your lawn whether it is cutting, aeration or organic lawn care you care about. We know the needs of lawns every season and make sure our services are offered at the perfect timing so that we can ensure perfect lawn maintenance. We are specialists in lawn services and ensure quality!


Sod Installation

Sod gives great character to gardens but it must be installed correctly. The proper services provided by Greenbloom Maintenance Toronto will not only ensure careful installation but also perfect preparation. This is actually the most crucial step of the whole procedure and as specialists we know exactly which steps to follow depending on the property and its needs. The excellent news is that our company in Toronto has tremendous experience. We have trained experts in sodding, can take care of any property and have enough…

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Lawn Seeding

Our company is an expert in lawn services. We provide Lawn Seeding Services and take care of the grass with the right equipment and proper fertilizers. The experience of our specialists is huge and their dedication is ensured. There are many variables to consider when it comes to seeding lawn services and you can be sure that we take a closer look of the needs of your soil in order to ensure that lawn will grow healthy and beautiful. Greenbloom Maintenance Toronto is the best…

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Fertilizing Services

We offer fertilizing services for years and guarantee exceptional customer service by a friendly and knowledgeable staff. With years of experience in landscaping and maintenance, our Greenbloom Maintenance in Toronto can cover the needs of all properties. We are ideal for commercial and residential services and have great seasonal or round the year packages, which can help you forget about the concerns of your garden and leave its needs to our expert hands. We have long experience, which is required for the proper Fertilizing of…

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Lawns are one of the main focal points associated with curb appeal for your home or business. It seems like everyone wants a lush lawn that is healthy green and inviting, but not everyone knows what is required to make this happen. Grass requires special care. Our professionals at Greenbloom Landscaping know what it takes to create and maintain healthy and attractive lawns. We provide core aeration service that provides fantastic results. Core Aeration Service Grass roots extend well beneath the ground and depend on…

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Interested in installing an irrigation system? Want to fix or maintain the existing one? We provide excellent irrigation services in Toronto, ON. Call us. Why waste your weekend watering plants? Let us install the ideal irrigation system at your property in Toronto, Ontario. If you already have one but want to replace or repair it, rely on our services. When the sprinkler heads break or the system is not good enough for your current needs, we will be there to meet your requirements. What our Irrigation…

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