Spring cleanup


When the long cold winter has finally drawn to a close your lawn and garden will naturally be begging for personalized care that only the professionals at Greenbloom landscaping can provide.

We offer a spring cleanup package that includes a variety of services designed to enhance your lawn and garden including:

  • Removal of leaves and debris from lawn and garden
  • Edging and trenching for gardens
  • All winter protective measures removed
  • All hard surfaces swept and professionally cleansed
  • Debris properly disposed of in biodegradable bags

When you pre sign for the service you can also receive:

  • Weed control prevention
  • Mulching for gardens

We want to make your Toronto landscaping our business. This spring cleanup landscape maintenance package can be designed to meet and exceed your specific needs. Our landscape contractors will provide intense focus on the particular area of your landscaping, lawn or garden that you desire.

The spring cleanup package is just one of the many great landscaping maintenance services we can provide for our customers in the Toronto community. All of our packages are specifically designed to go hand in hand with the others for your convenience.

Get in touch with us today for the spring cleanup service your landscape deserves.



Fall cleanup

The spring and summer seasons have come and gone. It has been a long year for your garden and the time has come to prepare it for a long winters nap. The Greenbloom Landscaping Company provides a fall clean up package that will properly address this issue for you. Our fall clean up plan is designed to protect your precious garden through the long winter ahead. Some of the services include: Lawn and garden bed raking One last lawn trimming Out of season plant removal…

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