Outdoor Christmas & Holiday Lighting Services


Greenbloom_Christmas_LogoThis Christmas, let us hang the mistletoe for you. The Christmas decorators of our company will complement the beautiful corners of your garden by hanging lights, bows, stars and any other ornament you choose. We illuminate trees and roofs, decorate flower beds and shrubs, embellish the pathways and make your home and whole garden reflect your joyful holiday spirit. Our Christmas decorations include the supply of all ornaments, their installation and their removal at your own suitable time.

Our team is experienced, works fast and offers astonishing ideas and several themes to choose from. We decorate your house and garden, but also provide commercial decorating services. Let us decorate your shopping mall, your retail shop, your office and any other property. With Greenbloom Holiday Decorations, your Christmas will be merrier this year.

Christmas Decorating Services in Toronto

We provide outdoor Christmas & holiday lighting services in Toronto, Ontario. Our company can supply the tree, garden, home and office decorations and our staff offers ideas and makes suggestions so that your property will look at its best. You can meet with our team and discuss your needs and wishes. We are here to listen and make recommendations, offer advice and decorate every house, garden and commercial building in town.

Christmas Light Installation

Let us illuminate your property. With our Christmas light hanging, your home garden, trees and roof will look splendid. Our consultants offer great advice and ideas and our staff can hang lights to tall commercial buildings, shops and offices. We make sure the bulbs are okay, wiring is safe and lights are installed to your satisfaction.

Residential Christmas Decorating

Our Christmas tree decorators can do wonders at your home garden. With our experience, we transform every part of your garden by illuminating walkways, driveways and flower beds, decorating trees, your home entrance and the roof, and enhancing the beauty of your home landscape with the right Christmas decorations. We are inspired by your garden, demands and holidays and offer exquisite solutions and residential Christmas decorating services.

Commercial Christmas Decorating

We can decorate public gardens, large office buildings, lobbies, hotels, retail shops and any other commercial property. With us, you don’t have to waste time figuring out what to do this Christmas. Our team takes over and offers solutions, supplies, Christmas light installation and holiday decorations that match your needs and taste.

Home & Garden Arrangements Help

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This year, you will have the best holiday help! No need to climb ladders, search for ornaments, spend time thinking of decorating solutions and hanging lights. We do everything for you! Our residential and commercial holiday decorators will amaze you with their work, enthusiasm, holiday spirit, ideas and services. We make all the arrangements necessary for your home and garden decorations and take care of everything whenever is convenient to you. We bring the supplies, hang lights at your roof, decorate trees and pathways, and make sure everything is done exactly the way you imagined it. Why waste time for such arrangements this year or take risks hanging lights at upper floor windows? Our decorators can help!

We can help today! Christmas will be here before you know it! Time to speak to our staff and decide which decorations you want! Leave all home & garden arrangements to us! Let us decorate your office or company building. This Christmas you will enjoy the holidays, have a beautifully decorated property and won’t feel tired at all! Talk to our decorators today!