Aggregates for Landscaping

Aggregates for Landscaping

Starting a landscaping or gardening project requires the right foundation in order to be successful. The professionals at Greenbloom Landscape Design can assist you with selecting the right aggregates for your project to ensure it is completed properly and will last for years to come.

What Are Aggregates?

Gravel, limestone screening or types of stone used to assist with a variety of construction and landscaping purposes, and the prime building blocks of any garden or landscaping project.

What is Included in Division-Stones?

Pea Gravel Stone

  • Pea Gravel
    • Rounded, smooth stone that is typically 3/8” in size.
    • Usually available in neutral colours.
    • Used for decoration and drainage.
    • Can be used to accent gardens, flower beds, walkways, playgrounds, and patios.
    • Pea gravel pairs well with other types of stones.
    • Can be used in place of mulch provided the plants chosen can tolerate the heat retention properties of stone.
    • To keep pea gravel in place, it is best to install an edging such as a landscape trim or paver stones.
    • Rake into place on occasion to keep pea gravel looking clean and at its best.
    • Install over landscape fabric to prevent weeds and other vegetation from growing through.
    • Removing Snow from A Pea Gravel Driveway or Walkway
      • Remove snow with a regular shovel, not a snow shovel, and stop while there is still a thin layer of snow. Break the snow up with a rake and apply salt or other ice preventative.
  • River Rock Landscaping Stone River Rock
    • Round or oval rocks with a smooth finish.
    • The interesting shapes, designs and colours add visual interest to your landscape.
    • Combine River Rock with other types of stone to create a unique look.
    • River Rock can be anywhere from 3/8” to 5” in size.
    • River Rock can be used anywhere you would like to add a design element.
    • River Rock can be used as a mulch but be aware rock retains heat.
    • Use River Rock to create a dry river bed, walkways, as mulch, in play areas, as a border and to create designs.
    • To care for river rock rinse as needed.limestone screening toronto
    • Place the rock where you would like it.
    • To keep river rock in place, install an edging material if desired.
  • Limestone Screening
    • Crushed limestone, similar to coarse sand.
    • It is used mostly as a base underneath patio materials and walkways.
  • Gravel
    • Gravel is composed of rock fragments.
    • It can be used as a mulch substitute, for drainage, to create walkways, to prevent soil erosion, and as decoration in landscapes and gardens
    • Types of Gravel and Uses (Unable to source images)
      • A Gravel – Surface of driveways, walkways, patios.
      • B Gravel – Base for driveways and parking areas, fill around walls.
      • 3/4” Clear Stone – Placed around pipes for protection from larger rocks and in areas needing drainage. Can also be used for decoration.
      • HPB – Planters, walkways, patios.
  • Gravel – Surface of driveways, walkways, patiosMarble Chips
    • Available in white and red. Both colours have the same properties.
    • Composed of pieces of marble crushed to the size of gravel.
    • Can be used for mulch, as it is effective at deflecting sunlight and regulating soil temperatures and moisture levels. It will still retain more heat than traditional mulch, and is high in pH so it may make the soil more alkaline over timemarble chips for landscaping
    • To install marble chips, lay down an edging material to keep the chips from migrating.
    • You can use both colours together to create designs.

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